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Monday, March 26, 2012

Something Easy

You all know by now that this new,improved format is driving me nuts; my "art" is deteriorating. I'm furiously drawing fry pans full of mushrooms, cartooning monsters and painting distruction. My chagrin has ended all  focused activities in the studio--although the break did point out some inaccuracies in the portrait of the two brothers as I paced the place wringing my hands. I just can't figure out how to get the images of previous posts to show up where they belong in place of those exclamation points.  I never use exclamation points when I write. I was taught it was an extraneous punctuation mark; the words should be exciting enough. My missing images are screaming my alarm.

 I'm writing right now, just to write. I want enough words in this post box so I can add an image and see what I can do with it in this new format.  I tried picture placement yesterday, but  only got one  in the center of the field when Honey called me for dinner.  I often like to put them on the right side to break up the copy--much like you would break up copy with paragraph breaks...I've  meandered enough. Let's see what dragging does? Okay!  Here's early spring photographed Friday behind my house. That's an improvement--although I didn't get to size it... I know nothing about pixels. I relied on "small," "medium" and "large."

Nevertheless, a step forward. A reference photo for Spring in the Bog posted.  And printed out. The scene will be a nice landscape, if I eliminate the tall tree in the foreground. At last, something easy. 


  1. Linda, so sorry you are having such problems. Forget the Blinkin post and get back to your great art work. I don't get either. Why is it necessary to put us artist through such trauma. Hope it gets easier for you.

    All the best to you,

  2. Hi Linda, hope you have things sorted out soon. Meanwhile, I do see potential with this photograph and one of your great paintings from it. (note: here I was going to put an exclamation mark, but thought better of it).

  3. My distress has run its course. I'm exhausted. The image reference is broken says my savvy son. Went back to the paints late today. I'm not even going to call a repair man.

  4. Very funny Ann, very funny. You gave me a chuckle. I was going to get back to work with that photo, but chose another taken on the same stroll. It's drying time and the sun is low in the Western sky. Time for wine and relaxation. I had a progressive day. I found a makeshift mahlstick. Wait till you see what it is.

  5. Linda, it WORKED!!!! YAY!! But I must admit, I love your rants - you do it for me, and then I don't have to ....
    or something like that.
    By the way, what year and make is your computer?

  6. Kathryn my husband thinks I'm a boring mill operator. He can't understand why I wouldn't leave it alone. I told him he's too easy and would make a horrible scientist. He told me others said the same thing about him. The fact is, if this loss was my fault, I like to know what I did so I won't do it again. Seems logical. If this loss was the domain vendor's fault, I want to know that too so I won't deal with them again. If I want to put together a web page art gallery, I want to do business with a responsible, reliable firm that's not going to sell the domain from underneath me--and I'll probably want to use the name I put on my paintings in the title. I thought poking around trying to find out what went down was worth a little time (little compared to a lifetime) and effort on my part. I'm willing to take the blame for my loss. I am a nut and the internet is a gigantic wheel, but it's a money grubbing world out there and there are those who make up their own rules. My domain wasn't the only one that Go Daddy bought up. They could have bought thousands from Blogger. Then jacked the ten dollars a year charge up to seventy. Their profit would be millions for sure. The slim in the ointment is why would a guy named Maurice Guy in Northern Ireland want Linda W Roth's domain and buy it? Then two days later,Go Daddy tells me it's available, this time for sixty dollars more than I paid Blogger? SEE, YOU GOT ME STARTED ALL OVER AGAIN. This mystery will nag me.

    My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1525 running Vista almost five years. I could use a new and improved one. Photographs take up a lot of memory and I have a lot of them. My computer son says I should get one with terabytes. I have only 200 GB and very little space left. I might get an external harddrive instead.