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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bitching Publicly

Deja Vu. Yes you've seen these paintings before. Kehinde Wiley is a favorite painter of modern day figures in grand master settings. Katz has a great portraiture style for acrylics; his paintings are like a gossipy "snapshots". Hockney is better at domestic figurative scenes than portraiture. You can stop reading--the rest of this text is bitching. NEW PARAGRAPH: This is just me fiddling around with bringing the past forward into this new time zone after my domain was snapped up by Go Daddy and given to Maurice Guy of Northern Ireland!!!!!! Sorry about all the exclamation points in my previous posts--but those particular punctuation marks are appropriate. The theft of someone's artwork photographs from previous blogs that were published under a custom domain with my name on it is alarming and totally unacceptable. --It's odd too that my profile picture is an exclamation point as well when I comment on a comment--but does show next to "About me." Must have something to do with being in the body of the text? NEW PARAGRAPH: This situation has made me very sad. Painting has not been a priority. I started the blog in 2009 and called it Drawing-of-the-Day to get me to stand up to my commitment and do a drawing a day. It worked so well, I'm painting regularly now--well up to last Sunday. It's going to take me some time to get over the shake up. I hate loss. --And did you notice--Evelyn Howard's thumbnail picture is an exclamation point too? [I took the publication back and edited: apparently one paragraph posts is the acceptable new way to write these things].


  1. So glad your site is up again Linda. I came to visit a few times only to find myself on the go daddy default page. Really happy to see everything is status quo again!

  2. But it isn't Agnes. This one is here plus one other. That's it. The rest are text only. The photos aren't linked properly. My picture when I publish this reply comment will be an exclamation point--a punctuation mark that signifies alarm--but when I right click to see what can be done: nothing.

  3. holy cow, did u cast a spell on your site? lol.... sheesh- talk about being tested eh? :-)
    btw your profile photo does show up when viewers post their comment... its gotta be google/blogger that is effed up!

  4. It didn't show up when I published my comment AFTER WV THAT I WASN'T A ROBOT--maybe I am? My son says the photos aren't coming through because they aren't linked properly. There's nothing I can do, only blogger can do it. Meanwhile my photo being here is promising. Yesterday it wasn't.

  5. If the links in images aren't working, per your son's advice, I would change your template (easy to do) and double check your settings.

    I'm no techie, but it would be relatively easy to try.

  6. THANKS CASEY. I CAN DO THAT! Stuff like that is like a reset...