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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm still cleaning out picture files and freeing up memory, (which I should have been doing all along), but I've given up being concerned about the amount of RAM I have. "External hard drive" was the immediate, inexpensive solution, my sons suggested. I do get curious when I read and do have to poke the information if it makes sense, sometimes way too seriously.

The birthday roses are really dead now and stinking up the lower level,(a phrase we use around these parts to describe a furnished basement that opens to the great outdoors). Honey is starting to complain--as if he really spends any time down there to smell their decay. So I did one more watercolor and the bunch went into the trash leaving me with a lovely purple glass vase--and the above painting. And that's how inventory grows.

Before I got wrapped up with RAMSHPRAM, I figured product was the thing to concentrate on if one is thinking about going into business. If I'm reading and not painting, there isn't going to be any product, albeit merchandise, to hang on the walls of any gallery be it in cyberspace or on a city street. Product first. Office equipment second--or third--or forth...Promotion seems to be something to think about too? After all, who the hell is L.W.Roth? She's an over-the-hill broad who has decided to put herself out on a limb.


  1. What a great painting you made of the roses that had gone over, love the colours and how you have the watercolours blending.

  2. Very rich and explosive , really love this fading bouquet. Great work!

  3. Thanks Jane. Thanks Ann. Watercolors and my first cup of coffee are wonderful for warming up to a day in the studio. Cut flowers, are perfect for the medium--alive or dead.

  4. Wow. I really like the sense of energy and vibrancy of your painting. Beautiful.