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Friday, January 20, 2012

Portfolio in My Blackberry

For my birthday, I bought myself a swell pair of trousers at a swell boutique in a swell mall in a swell part of town and took them home where they wiped up the floor too swell. up the ground I took them back for alterations. In the dressing room while the chic saleswoman pinned the pants, we chatted. She asked me what I do. I said I paint; I'm an artist. She asked what do you paint? I found the question hard to answer, so I showed her the two paintings I had on my Blackberry.

She was impressed. She wanted to know more. Do you sell? What gallery are you with? And there I was stymied, embarrassed, and then angry with myself for being so. I told her I only sold my work out of my studio, never pursued the business and wasn't affiliated with gallery, but was thinking I should be. she stopped pinning, picked up a pencil and gave me a name of a gal with a gallery who should like my work, would show it and promote it.

Two days earlier, I had been thinking I had to go public with my work and now I go to get my pants shortened and come away with the name of a place to start--all because I'm chatty and carry around a Blackberry with a couple of photographs of my art on it. On the way home, I thought my swell trousers might turn out to be really swell.

When the luncheon went sour and Winter was on the wall, I downloaded a few more paintings and drawings and organized the photo section of my Blackberry. This young clerk hasn't been the only one to ask me what do I paint? I've been asked many times and never really had the words to describe what I do in that studio. With a fully rounded portfolio in my pocket though, I could show the art lovers I run into and perhaps gather some more insights on how to proceed with my venture.

The photographs shown here are from my Blackberry Portrait Album. The majority of the portraits I did were children, but there was an occasional adult. The top drawing is my granddaughter. The bottom portrait is my Daughter in-love. Below is her husband, my son and Erin's dad when he was thirteen and a very reluctant and difficult sitter. "Oh mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Do I hafta?"


  1. Well, don't things just happen and crop up at the most odd times, certainly hope the Gallery takes your work - they would be mad not to. Brilliant portraits.

  2. Ann I probably have to pay my dues. But I'm no stranger to rejection. I imagine it takes a bit of time to find a spot where the work is both right for them and me.

  3. I almost forgot to comment on these portraits. You inspire me to reach higher goals. I love your portraits BRAVO.

    Best of Luck Linda

  4. Thanks Joan. Pencil portraits of family is how I began drawing again. No mess, no fuss, just me and a neat little box of supplies. All were done sitting on the couch watching TV--busy work for the hands that's more fun than knitting--no offense intended for knitters.

  5. Linda, congratulations on getting your trousers fixed and the possibility of a gallery. I have said this before that you are well deserving of a Gallery to sell your paintings. Apart from your brilliant landscapes, your portraits are amazing. Well done Linda and all the best.

  6. You have a nice day too Robert. Here in Michigan, the day after a snow storm passed through and temperatures dropped to single digits, Honey and I are staying in. He's paying bills, (not a nice day). I'm doing a little painting on a little canvas panel of a little piece wooded landscape washed in brilliant sunshine; I'm having a much better day than Honey.

  7. Victor, let's be realistic. Finding a gallery any time soon is a far fetched notion, a dream I've just begun to pursue. I'm not much of a door-to-door saleswoman; and I haven't been much of a gallery hopper over the years I was working. I have a lot of homework to do before I go knocking on doors.

  8. First of all I love your drawings Linda.
    And yes it's amazing what you can store in your phone these days.

    p/s: swell pants look good now?