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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love Those Q -tips !

Love that paper toweling too. When I hit the watercolors, I just can't shake my habit of adding paint and then subtracting it. With the top one, I drew wet into wet with both Q-tips and paper toweling wound up till it became an absorbent stub-like tool. I treated the Q-tip as a brush and wet it first. I used the toweling to mop up wherever I wanted highlights or a lighter value or a half tone. I know the white of the paper should be the bright spots, but I've been working with acrylics too long not to want that luxury with watercolors too.

Painting flowers cheers me up no matter the result. I woke up this morning feeling blue and brightened up the minute my brush hit the paper.(It's hard to believe I used to hate painting flowers). I was having such a good time playing in the water, slopping and mopping and etching, I did two to make up for not doing one on Monday. I brought yesterday's effort forward, because I like to see them all together.

Below, you see the a watercolor I was less than pleased with last week ; it was so evenly balanced, it looked like a print pattern. Folded into thirds though, it looks like an invite to a swell get together. I used a Hallmark seal where I think a personalized wax seal should be placed--my friend Linda was the only one I ever knew who actually had one made with her initials. The whole thing fits into a business size envelope--OR you could just put an address label on it and mail it. I think I will, as soon as I figure out what kind of shindig I should have and who should I invite?


  1. These are great but I have to pick a favorite--the top one. Sounds like you're really enjoying these.

  2. I am Hallie. And it's weird. Walking into painting class and seeing a floral still life set up used to make me groan. My enthusiasm sank because I knew it was impossible for me to paint flowers as lovely as they are. Now I know that the floral still life is just a jumping off place to begin my impression of their loveliness. Pretty hokey, pretty true. BUT the key to painting.