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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Worst and Best Drawings of Nine


I'm sitting here doing Cancun laundry and downloading my pictures. It's great to be back on computer again fussing around with my favorite program. I missed the technology, but a vacation is for living life differently. No laptop was lugged along, only my camera, swim noodle and watercolors. I would have liked to have had the new swim watch I ordered, but it wasn't delivered overnight as I thought Fossil promised. Unfortunately, it got here the morning we left after we were airborne. Too bad, it's a beauty-- this Chanukah gift to myself will forever be known as the swim watch that didn't swim.

Who cares what time it is anyway when the clear skies out the window of the plane promised great beach weather--but this promise wasn't kept either. Cancun was days filled with clear skies, but gale force winds on the occasion of this drawing picked up the water from the pool, whipped the watercolor off the paper and put a frustrating damper on painting plein aire by the sea. After struggling to keep the paper from flying away, the brushes from rolling off the lounge and the paint where I wanted it, I just went in with a marker and doodled the swimmers. When the marker flew out of my hand, it was time to go in for a drink--in a tall glass.

THE BEST DRAWING OF NINE was done leisurely over a few early morning hours spent on the balcony off our room. I call it: DAVID HOCKNEY AT THE JW.
The flat application of paint, bright colors and the bird's eye view smacked of Hockney.

After skimming the blogs I follow, I have a lot of fun in front of me this afternoon catching up. We got home late last night and unpacking dirty laundry is the chore of the day. What better way to spend my time in between loads then seeing the great work you've all been up to in spite of the Christmas rush. Feliz Navidad a todo!


  1. well, though you say you don't like that top painting...I do--! I think it is very wonderful, the pen figures really add such an interesting twist. The other painting is absolutely looks like a super-pretty place! Glad you had such a good there snow expected where you are for Christmas?

  2. There's a sprinkling of powder on the ground and talk of more, but I think it's just talk and Christmas will be colored a series of deadened umbras and blackened sap green.
    Celeste, you're kidding aren't you? But thanks. Those figures were drawn any which way out of complete frustration with the windy conditions and desperation for saving the very last piece of watercolor paper in my sack. I do hate screwing up a lovely sheet of quality pulp.

  3. Hi Linda.
    I give you full marks for the worst drawing mainly for trying in such bad conditions, and full marks for the David Hockney painting, it`s brilliant. Have a nice Christmas Linda, and hopefully talk afterwards.
    All the best.

  4. Thanks for your kindness Vic--and you too have a Merry and Happy.

  5. Wow, love love love that piece of the pool. Striking.