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Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter's Headstart

I got a headstart on Winter for my Four Seasons quadtyck before it snows and my spirits drop twenty degrees. Once I'm down in the pits, it might be hard to put some heart in this painting.

I get pretty lethargic in winter--I was born in the year of the snake. While a creature I try to avoid at all costs, I admire their smarts. They hibernate in the winter, as do I. If I don't need it desperately than I don't go out of the house to get it. I do not like boots and heavy coats. I do not like bulky sweaters and tights under my jeans. Above all I do not like black ice--the stuff that looks innocent enough, but can send your car spinning into a ditch or worse: another car. For these reasons, I stock the freezer and the pantry and schedule all medical check ups in either Spring or Fall. Anything else I may need out in the world can be bought on line.

I've always thought I should have taken up skiing. Then I'd look forward to inches of white powder dumped on my state. Michigan is a great state for that,lots of resorts. I went once when skis were long and really loved it, but no one else I hung out with loved it too. Since I loved who I hung out with more than the sport, I never pursued it.

This winter, I have cross country skiing on my bucket list. I still figure if I can find something I like to do during the season, I'd be happier those long, dark months. As luck would have it, I have a cross county path that runs the nature preserve right across the street from my house. All I have to do is get some skis and those boots on e-bay. (I'm certainly not going to buy new just on a whim).

Cross country skiing isn't for sissies; it's much more energetic than downhill. Just like downhill, I went once. I lost ten pounds of water in one afternoon! All I had to wear was my ski outfit--don't ask--a down jacket and overalls that made my nose run like a waterfall,from an allergy to the stuff . A half hour on the path, I was sweating like a pig and all out of kleenex;I was begging passerbys. By the time I got home, the offensive outfit was soaking wet with sweat. I smelled like the boys gym. And I needed my slacks shortened an inch. I gave my down ski outfit to Goodwill.

You don't need to wear much to go cross country, tights, cut-off jeans a fleece warm up and a puffy vest should do. If not, as I said, I live across the street. I think I'll surf e-bay this weekend for a seller who had the same crazy idea and decided the next day that cabin fever wasn't all that bad.


  1. A soft cover for winter in this painting!
    a good weekend

  2. Hi Linda.
    I love it. There is something lovely about the colours that is very striking. It looks flat but it isn`t flat. Does that make sense Linda? Whatever, it`s gorgeouse. All the best.

  3. You're right Gabriella, it is a soft start, but it will get harsher as I progress.

  4. At this point Victor, I've just laid in the space defining colors in about the right values. As the work goes on, more color will creep in creating the half notes--the transitions between light and dark. I need this painting to be as upbeat as the other three in that group. In a season that is very low keyed color-wise, I need some colorful signs of life. this painting may blow my Four Season plan? If so, I'll just have four nice seasonal landscapes.

  5. Hi Linda
    I don't like winter - and there's not even snow where I live. I don't the long dreary days that lasts for months and months.
    :) Hope your weekend went well, have a nice week ahead, Ev

  6. It's such a colorless season Evelyn; and we're colorful people. I'm going to have to work some color into my "Winter" for it to go with the other three "Seasons" paintings. My winter is going to have to be painted on a sunny day where the reflection off the snow blinds you with its brilliance and the sky is an incredible cobalt blue--but who would believe it, but an avid skier?