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Monday, October 31, 2011

Who's The Cat in The Hat?

It isn't Michael Jackson, It's me. The new hat I picked up last week is a Michael Jackson style. The difference is: his was felt and mine is black straw with a striped grosgrain band. I wear it tilted of course and pulled down over one eye. As stunning as it is, I still can't do the moonwalk to save my life.

I drew my new hat to use as a new header. (What else is a hat good for--especially on a blog that was started to fling me back into the fine art ring)? But I don't think this one has the same flourish as my fedora with the green feather. I'll probably change the drawing back in a few days when my mood swings. Hats are more than head-gear; they are an attitude. I have many.

This weekend I was leaning towards Scarlet O'Hara, the flirtatiousness vixen of Gone With the Wind. I did a quicky drawing of the floppy picture hat that has never seen a bar-b-que on the lawn at any southern plantation, much less the beach. But it would make a good header too.

Oddly enough, none of my hats have been out of the house. I always leave my attitude under my hat on the front hall table. It's best that way. The public doesn't need to know exactly who this cat is.


  1. LOVE the new hat!. I wish I had the patience to wear one... I've tried, and my head heats up.. My middle one has a head and face that looks good w/any style.

  2. Yes, love the new hat too.
    And you're right, Scarlet had the best hats!

  3. Chris, HATS GIVE ME A HEADACHE! So I buy them, but really only wear one or two when I just don't feel like messing with my hair. The two I favor for such occasions are a newsboy cap and my jungle pith helmet--cap for winter, pithe helmet for summer. Luckily, I seldom have a bad hair day or go anywhere where I worry about such things. I just like to try them on and buy the ones I think I would wear if I couldn't flatten my colic.

  4. Agnes, I saw the best witch's hat last night, Halloween. The woman, in her sixties or seventies, had bought the drugstore rendition of the typical witch's hat, flattened the point and then lavished long, iridescent black cock feathers and black tulle all over it.It was delightful. I fell in like right a way. That woman and I could become fast friends.

  5. Linda
    Very nice drawings, and the new hat is nice.
    I love hats but I only buy a certain type of hats... maybe one day, I will venture out of my comfort zone.

  6. Evelyn, don't wait for "one day." Jump in the water is fine.