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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Signed, Sealed, Delivered. What's Next?

TO THE BAKE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER. DON'T I WISH. A finished painting pushed out of the studio, no worries. Left sitting in the studio, I never know what little area will beckon me to pick up a brush for a bit more glaze or stick my finger in the paint jar for one more smudge to soften, to highlight. But not this time. I'm on to the next. I have two more 20 x 20 x 3/4" stretched canvases with which to work out the loose style I'd like to achieve without losing the subject matter. Sweet Choices #1 doesn't quite have the spontaneity I'm after; I suspect not enough use of wet into wet. Perhaps I'll get there with Sweet choices #2? If not, perhaps with Sweet Choices #3? I seem to be hung up on pasties. Curious with me always refusing the dessert tray. But painting them is quite satisfying--like licking batter out of the beat-bowl or swiping icing off the cake with your finger--just enough sweetness to satisfy.

REFERENCE PHOTOGRAPHS FOR SWEET CHOICES TWO AND THREE, the one above on the right of the post copy was the reference photo for Sweet Choices #1. Looking at the painting and the photo together, I don't think I put enough of myself in the painting. --"There's always going to be something with you, isn't there Joe?" (line from Joe Versus The Volcano, a favorite movie of mine).


  1. Too well. Try, try again, but thanks.

  2. What can I say, yummy!

    Happy Weekend Linda

  3. you should be pleased with #1--! I will be tuned in to see the next ones. Desserts always make people feel happy, I think..!

  4. Hi Linda.
    Your paintings of these gorgeouse Pastry is brilliantly unbelievable. Amazing wonderful coulours as well. Linda, I made a comment on your last post but it seems to have disappeared. Please take it as if it is there. Probably there was something that I didn`t do or I did. The upshot of my comment is that you are a brillinr Artist. All the best Linda.

  5. Happy Weekend to you too Evelyn. Pastries in the display case or on a dessert tray do look yummy. but when it comes down to selecting one many of us pass. But there's here's no calories in a look or in painting them --just a happy feeling.

  6. They make me happy when I'm painting them Celeste--even when I've screwed up the shading on the whipped cream and wonder why did I touch that area again. I stand back annoyed with myself,but the painting as a whole makes me smile.

  7. Vic your words are very kind--the kind that I wish would go to my head and I would feel sure about my abilities. Instead everyday I think well maybe today's painting session will be the great one? It never is. That one is still coming with the next painting. I think that's what keeps us all going?

    Your painting of a tumbled down fence near the village of Brasted in Kent is very lovely. Soft and hazy and poetic. You have a lovely gentle touch compared to my acrylic brashness. Thank you for visiting.