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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Down The Front Walk

Down The Front Walk; 11 x 14: pastel

Pulling out of the driveway this sunny morning,our entrance walk caught my eye. Fall perennials were blooming and the spirea were in flower for the third time this season. Even the unknown plant my landscaper stuck in a bare spot last year was blooming too. I stopped the car and took a look. The flower was a deep purple--Dioxinine with a dollop of Alzarine. Pretty color. Pretty color aside, the plant still had to go. Who needs to wait till the end of September to learn they've got an aster growing in their front yard?

I decided to draw the garden in plan after lunch. I needed to sit through my studio session; all the muscles in my body had been stretched to aching at physical therapy. And were taxed further when I wasn't smart enough to sit down when I painted the upper left-hand corner of Sweet Choices after the workout. Drawing in plan is nothing new to me. It's what I've been doing for over twenty years. But drawing an exterior bird's eye view is what makes this drawing something different. The sketch didn't come out well--the composition is split down the middle, but the bird's eye view used as the perspective for a painting--well now that is interesting. angle that sidewalk, lighten the garage floor and maybe I have something worth spending some time on?

Work in Progress: Sweet Choices, 20 x 20" acrylic; detail upper left-hand corner:


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