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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kick Out The Clowns!


It's not enough that the endowment for the arts is in a dire situation.
It's not enough that health care and Social Security are in jeopardy.
It's not enough that a sizable portion of my retirement funds have been flushed down the toilet.
It's not enough that my country, which enjoyed an A number one credit rating for seventy years, has lost its status. But it is enough with this government. I've had it!

I am an angry citizen. My Government is a bunch of spoiled, pompous guys and gals who put their own re-election (jobs) over the welfare of the country, talk incessant gibberish, never answer a question straight forward, are irresponsible, can't meet deadlines, are full of themselves and a whole lot of hot air.

The men and women of Congress have disgraced us with their partisan bickering. These last years, they have acted like spoiled children. As much as I hate the Fall season, November can't get here too soon.

Honey and I are not voting for anyone who is in office now. We want fresh and new faces. More importantly, we're jumping on the bandwagon for TERM LIMITATIONS. I suggest: Four years in office for Senators, two years in office for members of the House, and then back home they go "thank you very much for your serrvice."

Politics should not be a life long occupation. The elected official should come to DC, serve his/her country for a sort period of time, and then return, with God speed, to whatever it is they did in civilian life. Congress members are at home on vacation now. They couldn't get it together till the ninth hour and made a mockery of themselves and my country. They should stay where they are. Kick out the clowns and send in the alternates! As far as I'm concerned, these guys are excused for inexcusable behavior.


  1. Call me a pessimist, but even if what u posted did happen, I think its the kind of person who runs for office... Did u know most politicians were lawyers who were insurance folk? Look at the occupations: insurance, lawyers... They all start out doing the common good thing, then somewhere along the line they fall into cutting corners, knowing who to brown nose, extort, etc...Limiting terms sounds good, all it seems to me is that you have a quicker turn over of schmucks.

  2. I agree with you 100%!!! At this point STRICT term limits look to be the only option to rein in this ridiculous and humiliating partisanship obstinacy.


  3. I go to the zoo next week to meet the cute, sad penguin again. I hope he feels better.

  4. Chrissy, my CA son's comment was lawyers shouldn't be allowed to hold office.LOL Limiting terms isn't an answer either, but it's something to kick around the conference table. The
    effects of campaigning and funding on an official's performance is another. We probably need a citizens committee of non politicians, to review our current election process, a little more we, the people, and a lot less I and me going on.--OMG I have to reread Ayn Rand! Tricky stuff this politics, no wonder the lawyers are so attracted to it!LOL

  5. Nanina, Term limitations is just one place to start reviewing the election of our officials--then, as I said to Chrissy, there's the whole matter of campaigning and funding and primaries which pushes our politicians into spending more of their time in office raising funds for their next campaign and promoting themselves than attending to the business of the country. (Secretaries get fired if caught taking personal calls or playing computer solitaire on the company's dime).

    I'm just a mom who raised children, worked along side my husband to support them, drove to football, baseball,wrestling, attended matches and games and painted on the side. I know almost nothing about politics, but I can recognize bad behavior and poor performance when I see it. These people, these children, both Democrats and Republicans have behaved very badly, performed very poorly and have cost this country, you and me, dearly. They've got my full attention now that they are such a joke.

    George Will writes this morning in the Detroit News: "Being in politics, said Eugene McCarthy, is like coaching football: You have to be smart enough to understand the game and dumb enough to think it [you are] is important." Eugene forgot to add: Have a losing season and the coach gets the ax.

  6. Me too Joe. Zoos too will be picked on as being superfluous expenditures along with museums, orchestras, anything cultural. What idiots.
    Well not to worry, November 2012 isn't that far away and I'm hoping a lot of voters will have done their homework and turnout to choose the least partisan among the candidates.

    Meanwhile the Georgia Aquarium had a terrific African penguin exhibit with everybody looking very healthy and happy. Take a web cam look:

  7. I have to agree with everything you said, unfortunately. Term limits would be great, but I don't think it will happen.

  8. Me neither Sharmon. And that's a shame, because there is a time to step away and let fresh blood take the reins.
    Obama was a little bit too fresh. Water still dripped from behind his ears when he was elected. How can you run a country like ours when you haven't run a city or a state and you've only listened in on Congress for a couple of years?