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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hey Bill!

Thanks a lot for blogging,(Wm Cook Fine Art), about your new Nikon Coolpix L120. As soon as I saw your pics and read your rave review, I investigated, liked it and talked it over with my camera buff son who investigated, liked it and gifted me one yesterday when we actually went shopping for a new phone system! You should get a commission-- I should get a commission. It's a sweet, light weight, baby with a enough zoom for me. I shot the trees at the edge of our property through the living room window, across the living room from the kitchen, through the kitchen while sitting at a chair at the peninsula--some 100 plus feet away! I think the details are just fine for the first picture taken by a shaken photographer both overwhelmed and thrilled by her son's generosity.

Do you see the little tripod it's on? I took a timed self portrait of myself and even though a facelift should be added to my to-do list, I love having that option to be in the photos on vacation--and as the people interest in the scenes I find so paint worthy.

Then the wide angle feature! I designed this architectural cabinetry for my place twelve years ago and was never able to get a straight forward photograph of it. I could only photograph it on an angle, which was not good enough to show clients interested in the "Williamburg style." This photo is worthy, (after I update the unit to accommodate a flat screen television), to be included in my design portfolio.

This camera has only one shortcoming that all digital cameras have: you can't tilt the flash. You can't bounce it off walls or the ceiling, which is very handy for portraiture and photographing very shiny items. BUT I"LL LIVE THROUGH IT. I am so thrilled with this new camera, I had to tell you all. Now, the paintings I've done over the past week and was going to blog today, but was obviously sidetracked, must be rephotographed. I'm anxious to see the detail differences between the Minolta's 8 megapixels and the Nikon's 14.1. Don't you just love new equipment. It's so energizing.


  1. I was thrilled indeed to see this surprise waiting for me this morning.

    I've been reading some info about this camera on the internet, and it really is causing a stir out there.

    Apparently it's relatively new on the market, and incorporates a whole slew of features never before available on a point and shoot. I still think the best feature is the fact that it takes regular old AA's. I got over 400 shots before they had to be changed.

    Did that bookcase shot use a flash? I've played around a bit with the flash, and am more pleased than I expected. The obnoxious foreground glare and dark shadows are more minimal for some reason (if you use the right settings).

    The automatic feature is soooo cool. It just picks the right settings according to the conditions. Great if you're in a hurry or under brain fog like me.

    I am so thrilled that you have this thing.

    Finally, you are looking good! If I tried that the lens would off.

    Now, time to play... um... collect some reference material.

  2. Hi,Linda,
    Thank you for beautiful photos and the sweet story of your son! The self-portrait is nice! ...your enthusiasm for cameras is amazing!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  3. No, well maybe? I want to take a walk down by the lake and shoot the scenery, but I also want to shoot the drawings I did the past week--shooting art, as you well, know is tricky. Some like to do it in natural light outdoors in light shade; others, like myself, like to shoot it under incandescent lights for that is where it will finally be displayed. So a few more test shots...before I calm down.

  4. Try going to the setting that says "Close-Up", and hit the Exposure Compensation button (3:00 on the OK wheel) down once. I bet that will do it. "Museum" distorts the edges so that you'd thing you were looking at a spoon.

  5. Thanks Sadami. I was truly touched by my son's generosity. Photography is a medium I'm very fond of. I've spent many hours years ago photographing whatever caught my fancy, developing the film in the darkroom and making prints. His gift brought back those days and the joy of all the hours he and I spent together out on photo-shoots when he was growing up.

  6. OMG! There are settings on this thing? Bill you're way ahead of me.
    I did it. Now I just need to transfer what I shot to computer. What did I shoot? Your picture on your comment on my computer screen and my mouse.

  7. Greetings,

    No matter what our age, a new toy always bring a delight to our spirit and I am glad to learn that it meets your needs.

    We are in agreement that one is unable to adjust the flash, but even digital SLR's do not have this capability and only detachable flash units, which is not only an added expense but also more weight to carry around.

    The biggest drawback 'all-in-one' non SLR cameras have, is that they do not allow one to shot in RAW. I would love a small pocket version to carry around where ever I go, to be able to capture an idea, a resource or an actual 'fine art' photo, but without the capability of RAW, I lose so much of the data.

    I wanted to write you an email, to respond and say thank you for commenting and having elected to follow my site, regrettable I was unable, as there is no link to send you a message.

    Warmest regards,

  8. Nice! I've got a Nikon Coolpix too, but mine is an old version - 2 years old and a different model.

    Have fun!!