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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegas Tale Was True, But A Stall

My last blog was the truth about the Mandalay Bay portion of our trip. The truth that I adore resort pools, but not those. The truth that we do hide from the sun. The truth that that hotel is a good place to take children FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS, BUT TO BRING YOUR WALLET IF THE KIDS LIKE TO TAKE A SWIM. Yesterday's blog was truthful, but a stall, something to do, while I contemplated what I really wanted to do: destroy Fall.

Today, I began the process-- A layer of denatured alcohol, let it sit a bit, scrape a bit, wash the surface off, dry it and do it again. Proceed section by section. I do want to salvage the canvas. I want the surface back undamaged with the tooth clean enough to take a thin layer of gesso. It'll take me a few days. Careful is the key operative.

Before this painting, I thought all drawings and paintings could be salvaged. Fall changed that opinion. My failure was my choice of reference photo. The coloration of it sent me down the wrong path for the quadtyck. A foreground was non existent, whereas in the other two paintings, it is. I could have added one had I caught that fact sooner, before the paint became too heavy and obliterated the tooth of the canvas (visible evidence of my frustration). The photo was a bad choice I concluded yesterday as I drew the same conclusion about the Vegas trip. So hunting I will go again with camera in hand for a new reference photo for both fall and winter when the time comes. I will also hunt for a new gathering spot where everyone in the family, not just those two under twelve, will be comfortable.

By the by, our move to The Encore softened my opinion of Vegas. I could have been at any luxury resort hotel in the world. The little sister hotel to the Wynn had a great pool area with two pools. We liked the one they referred to as the "European" pool where nudity was allowed. I only saw one woman without her top and I gotta tell you, she really didn't need one. she had nothing to cover up. They also had umbrellas and cabanas. The umbrellas were inferior, but free and there were plenty of pool attendants to move them around for you. The cabanas offered deep shade without having to have deep pockets. A fruit platter, candy bars and pretzels came in the frig along with water and sodas. And the best was the misters over the opening, which provided a cool atmosphere to dine in when it came time for lunch and again when I decided to come in to deeper shade to watch The Talk and Ellen on the flatscreen. If the Encore was by the sea, I'd put it on my vacation destination list.

NOTE: The guy you've seen napping in these photos is actually a replica of Honey I found at Walmarts. It adds life to the pix don't you think?


  1. BTW, I wrote something long and when I hit the word verif., my system lost connection...Anyway, what I had said is that "u get what u pay for" reigns true... Also, if u ever think of wanting to see Maui, the further north u go up the coast, the better quality the hotels and amenities.. The beaches are quieter and service is to die for...
    As far as your painting- could it be the mood u are/were in? The season could of been crappy for you? Nothing wrong w/leaving that one season out and showing off the other three?

  2. I do dislike the fall season as beautiful as it is here. It is the beginning of the slide down to the pits of winter with its colorless, barren darkness. My doc said to get a SAD light; I've yet to do that.

    Maui is beautiful, but if I was going to go to Maui, I'd have gone to China--too long a ride. Mexico's Nueve Vallarta would be best for all--non stop for all and the Grand Villas is a very luxurious all inclusive with great pools, a beach and ocean, and plenty of shade included in the price.

    You missed the point of my Vegas blog if I'm reading you right? You do not get what you pay for in Vegas at the Mandalay Bay pools. At THE Hotel. (the name of our hotel at the Mandalay Bay resort complex--there's also the Four Seasons on the property plus the Mandalay Bay hotel), you get more than what you paid for. It is a luxury hotel, beautiful, all suites, lots of amenities.

  3. I meant that adage to apply to the more expensive hotel...not the Mandalay.. Hey isn't China a 12 hr? Guess 5 hr. I can handle w/no problem. I went so many times, I could tell by the 'snacks' we got on the plane when we were getting close to the island...

  4. Gottha. We paid a hundred dollars more for the suite at the Encore, but the cushioned chairs and the umbrellas came for the price of the room. The cabana cost two hundred less than the cabana at the Mandalay Bay (weekday prices compared), but had solid walls, a roof, cooling and added goodies in the frig. It was cheap. The Mandalay Bay "nickle and dimed you to death," as they say. The Encore was a bargain.

  5. Great review on hotels. I'll stick to the free ones--I'm a gambler. Actually I've only been to Vegas twice and flights from the East Coast are too long. I did enjoy the Seigfreid & Roy show years ago.

    I still look forward to seeing your four seasons.

  6. Thanks Hallie. We love luxury hotels. We think they're a destination. I would have gambled at the Encore. The casino was very quiet, relaxed, but I couldn't find the roulette table. Maybe because we didn't look very hard? Black Jack used to be Honey's game; he gave it up when he learned the house is the winner in the sort run, in the long run. You're on their turf--in the casinos, the restaurants, the shows and at the pools. Besides, I liked the slots when you could play with quarters and you hand got black from pulling that lever. I liked the jungle in the cup; I hated getting a slip of paper quietly saying I'd lost.

    I'll keep at those paintings. This one just wasn't doing anything for me no matter how much I put it through.