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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Three Women Taking Shape

I'm moving along with this one, but it lacks character--too much like the photo. Might do it again sans preliminary drawing and larger--in acrylics--just respond. Eleven by fourteen is small and inhibiting. The size prohibits the gestural style I favor--and so does the medium at this early stage of the learning process. I have a three foot by five foot canvas, I've been aching to use. The size suits this subject. It has occurred to me to put my face on the seated figure and my granddaughters' on the two girls--at least loose resemblances. Before going back to my comfort zone though, I'll finish this one up. I'm anxious to see how the rubber cement I used as a blocker worked. --That's the first animal I've ever painted. A lot of firsts here.

Analyzing the painting briefly, I notice that it has the same composition as every other painting I've made: the picture plane is divided by a cross with a focal point where the lines/forms intersect. The dog is where the blue "line" is intersected by the pink and further underlined by the seated woman's crossed leg. The brown of the girls' hair and soon the dog's eyes and nose adds further emphasis. This is probably what attracted me to the photo in the first place. My muse has never strayed from this pattern--or from the square form--as hard as I've tried. Should I look at that mandala again? I don't have to; there were no surprises there.


And is that another bud on my All Holidays blooming cactus? I do believe it is. The plant hasn't stopped blooming since I brought it in the end of last summer. Amazing.


  1. Dear Linda,
    First of all, congrats on your 51st Anniversary!!! Ah, wonderful!! Please have a good time.
    Regarding watercolor, take it easy. The work is not bad!! In my experience, control of water is the key. If you can, observe other experienced watercolorists how they use water. Just pop up at an art society and look at demo is not bad(hopefully, an art society is near to you...) Anyway, have fun!
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. Thanks for your input Sadami, but clearly watercolor by itself is not my personality. My heavy hand, love of strong contrast/robust color, resistance to restraints, training in oils (dark to light) and years with acrylics using them without employing complicated techniques adds up to "stick with what you reached for first and know-- especially in the forth quarter.

    You'll have to remain the star of watercolor in this arena. I'll just use it for mixed media sketching. It works well with markers, pastel and colored pencil. I came to this blog party to learn who is me in paint. I think I got it.

    Thanks for your kind anniversary wishes and for taking the time to give me your expertise kindly. Cheers back, Linda