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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pansies, Beer Kegorators and Built-in Brews

Talk about variety in life. In the last five hours, I went from kitchen design to wet bar design to photography and painting. While beer kegorators and built-in coffee makers are amazing, painting the pansies were the most fun.

I started out with a watercolor underpainting with no preliminary drawing,just a free wheeling brush action. Then I reached for the markers and topped them off a dash or two of acrylics. This free approach is how I like to sketch best--no restrictions, just follow my impulses. Enough time spent trying to be the watercolorist I'm not.


  1. Sweet! Never heard of a Kegorator before. Makes perfect sense.

  2. This free approach is great--nice pansies.

  3. Thanks Hallie. Thanks Bill. The free approach is me. I don't not know why I persisted with straight watercolor when all these years I've never touched the stuff. It was going on vacation that did it. Watercolors in the pad form are easy shlep-alongs and a nice addition to markers--The effect made me think I just had to try them in tube form with appropriate paper by themselves. Well I did. I have and I'm done. EXCEPT I do think I'll keep using the 140 lb Strathmore paper.

  4. Good approach to go with what your heart wants. Great result. I love your bold colours.