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Friday, March 11, 2011

Where You Going ?

My "woods" paintings are moving slowly together to form one, which is my plan. I had to see how they were progressing when grouped as I see them in my mind. Spring and Summer, the top two, are finished. Fall is still in the works and needs more detail to match the detail in Spring and Summer. Winter is still anybody's guess. For this grouping, I used a sketch just to see how it fit--it's not intense enough. I 'll have to keep looking through the many photographs I took over the winter to find the one with the same amount of intensity that the others have. It is the intensity of the paintings that will tie them together. Each unit has to have the same weight. another connective will be colors in common and compositional lines that will jump the negative space between the panels.

I really do love playing in Publisher. It's such a perfect way to see my unit paintings come together and to judge what still needs to be done. Great art tool. A good way to see where you've been and where you're going and possibly to catch a clue as to how to get there. This morning was a morning to think art.

Now it's back to the studio where art is made and thinking is not allowed. In the studio, I encourage the right side of my brain to take over and do it's thing. I distract my conscious mind with music and dance. It's quite enjoyable. It's quite good exercise.

I used to go to paint with a group of gals and the chatter was my distraction and socialization, but some of the other painters needed to concentrate and, from the looks of their body language, objected. So I stopped going. Consequently, I have to take time out every now and then to put painting aside and go into the world and get in touch with my humanity. This last week was one of those time outs. Very enjoyable. But today, with my evaluation completed and decisions made as to where I'm going with Four Seasons, I'm back in the studio with BB, the Eagles, Elvis and of late, Bob Seger. I've also been thinking about the Everly Brothers. They wake up this little Suzy every time I hear that song.


  1. Nifty project, and those top two are exciting. I like the bottom two as they are, but can see the point about equalizing the intensity. Are these the natural seasons that you reference from snapshots, or head seasons at different points in the year? If it's the latter you won't have any trouble jamming intensity into fall and winter.

  2. PS Know any stained glass artists? This computer is making these look like Tiffany windows. I could see them as clerestory windows in a craftsman house. I know, put a sock in it, Bill. Wm

  3. I start working from the reference photo, Bill, then take off and clean out or embellish as I feel it.With Fall woods,I've already eliminated some distractions and I'm just starting to add in what the composition seems to need for balance.

    I've designed leaded glass windows and door panels and do, as a matter of fact, have a guy I get together with to select the glass and work out the colors--though I really know what colors and shapes go where before we get together. He then fabricates them.

    Biggest project was a ceiling comprised of a number of panels. The subject matter was bears. The client collected them--and attended the convention of bear lovers. Sylvester Stallone was a member, she told me. We back lighted it over the couple's lower level bar/kitchen. It looked great. I have a panel in my basement that I rejected; my guy decided to deviate from my color diagram. The panel came out dull and no fun what so ever. Leaded glass is a lot of fun--it's puzzle design. These paintings would need some simplification. You have to pay attention to how the glass will take the cut. More than you wanted to know right?

  4. After your winter, I'd be tempted to use just shades of white. I need to follow your example and get out among people.

  5. It's hard Hallie. I have to force myself. I'm so happy staying at home and fiddling around in the studio, on the computer with the photographic programs, researching stuff in my books most of the time... I'm basically a loner who quite suddenly will get very social and make all sorts of plans with folks to get together over a period of weeks. I think I do it for balance. Then after a bout of socializing, I get over-talked and must get back to my sanctuary to refill my cup. Maybe it's an artist thing? Maybe it's just the pendulum swinging? Whatever, getting out takes effort. Staying home,none.

  6. Thinking is not allowed in your studio... I love it :-)

  7. I just came from your site. Have a wonderful trip said I there--and now here...and don't think too much where ever you're going. Most of us do too much of it and it spoils our fun.