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Friday, March 4, 2011

Self Confidence Restored

I came across this color pencil drawing I did in 2008 while I was looking for a new eleven by fourteen vellum pad. I needed the pad to do just one more floor plan for my client--and there the drawing was between a nine by eleven and an eleven by fourteen. It was a pleasant find. After yesterday's fiasco of a watercolor, I felt, "Hey the kid might have some talent after all."

When I did the portrait I suspected it had some merit. But now three years later, I know it does. I like the arm, the partial hand, the dumbfounded expression on the girl's face as she watches the parade. This is what I mean: Sometimes,no, often actually, you need time between doing the drawing and seeing the drawing clearly enough to critique it honestly. So don't throw anything away. Stuff it in a drawer.

I was going to tear up yesterday's watercolor and trash it. Instead, I took this one out and stuffed the abominable watercolor in its place.

Have a lovely, safe weekend. I'm going to be subdividing that watercolor paper that may or may not be right?


  1. Yes, a nice piece. Good advice - glad you kept this.

  2. yes, talent indeed. Really lovely. I love the energy in this piece. and of the feeling of a moment suspended..