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Monday, March 28, 2011

Painting is Paint

Painting is paint is what I told Celeste in response to her comment yesterday. And that's the truth of it. It's only taken this dim bulb a year and two months to arrive at that conclusion.

The featured photo is of my acrylic painting on canvas, Winter, the first stage of its development. It's a perfect example of working direct with no initial drawing. I used a rag and watered down paints and just went at it. And I think there's a freshness here that I lost the more I defined the subject,albeit "finished" the painting (right). By eliminating explicite details-- exact meaning is eliminated--and opens up the painting for the viewer to bring her own conclusions. I think I like that openness. Anyway, I think this no drawing approach to watercolor will have a positive affect on my acrylic painting. And today, I am better equipped to carry on my exploration of the medium than I was yesterday.

I stopped off at the art supply store and picked up another (the very last one on the shelf) Lock Box Palette and some adult water colors in tubes--not a pad set for kids like I've been using. Today, I'll set up the palette and I'll be good to go. I've been very impressed by this palette. I've been using it with acrylics and the tube paints are as wet today as they were the day I squeezed them out three weeks ago! The wet sponges locked into the box is the trick--and the sponge idea works as well in another larger flat palette box. Duh, why didn't I think of that? But then, who thinks of sponges when they're busy thinking Cobalt or Ultramarine? Thank you Jack Richeson. (Just mail my check for the plug to my home as usual Jack. LOL).


  1. Like this acrylic winter scene very much. We don't have the snow but it is certainly chilly enough here.

  2. To be honest, I am not just feeling this like I do your others.. maybe because it is winter? or the snow is too heavy for my liking...