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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Between, Shake It Up

In between drying times, I've decided to workout. I've been sitting on my bum too long. So long,some days it feels like rigamortis has set in when I finally pull myself away from this keyboard. In the AM, I'm doing resistance training with free weights. In the PM, lower body and cardio. The schedule will be daily. It makes perfect sense: paint/dry--upper body--lunch--paint/dry--lower body and cardio. The intensity of it should either send me back to the orthopedic guy or build some muscles I haven't used of late--the better to shlep in groceries with.

My exercise area is next-door to my studio. I have to walk through it to get to where I paint. Drying times are boring. And blow drying to shorten the wait is even more dull--it's watching paint dry FGSakes. I'd rather be on the move. So be it.

This is not a New Years Resolution to be started one day and abandoned the next. This is Linda taking care of Linda whose been entirely too focused on painting and has gotten bent out of shape over the keyboard posting about it. Time to shake things up and maybe even drop a few Cancun pounds compounded by winter pounds? Now wouldn't that be loverly?


Looking at the paintings all together here helps me to see what needs to be done to relate one to the other and eventually put together four units that are a part of one another.

Elaborating the cross branches on the trees in Fall is what is going to make this painting compatible with the others in the Four Season quad-tyck.
I've started to put the branches in yesterday. More are needed.--And more foilage to then break up the lines. In this painting, the more marks and lines,the better. the quad-tyck reminds me of tapestry.

Blue is the dominant color in all of paintings. I find that odd for landscapes don't you think? You'd think green, but I see blue. That said, For Winter, sunlit snow and blue shadows will have to be played against one another and then broken up with the lines of underbrush. I should get started on that canvas. It needs to be painted along side this one to get the right balance.

NOTE: Lining these photographs up on the right has been a bear. You'd think in this day and age of touch screen move it here, move it there technology, I should just be able to drag the pictures where I want them instead of having to guess where to place them in the copy. Anybody with any knowledge about this out there? I'm using the old editor in Blogger--maybe the new?


  1. Its hard to say which one I like, first one? that caught my eye, then the second one, all are vibrant and have colors I like.. Glad u added more branches in the first.. more definition!. I am glad to see that u do use your equipment.. I've read the stats on people who buy exercise equipment and usually after the first year it starts to gather dust.. Hopefully the amt. of time and money, u have recouped..

  2. Thanks about the painting. This painting and the other two plus one more will be presented as one--that's why making connections between them is important.

    Anyway, exercise energizes body and soul and insures maintaining balance. It's good for perking up metabolism and keeping you limber. As far as weight control, it helps, but not as much as people think. Controlling food portions and groups does more.
    Aside from riding my bike daily, I'd fallen off the resistance wagon. I'm back on. I think it'll improve my attitude which has been a bit grumpy these last months.

  3. Dear Linda,
    The paintings are nice and familiar ones!

    Well, I've got how you spend time while awaiting drying. What a self-disciplined lady and productive artist!!! And...what a luxury gym room you have!

    Hospital nurses say I look much healthier than ever from a long swim, while I'm worried about increasing weight. "Muscles are heavier than fat," they say. Your suggestion, controling food is not easy= hold back a good appetite after a swim(still we can swim at a beach!).
    ...may be...I will lose some weight in the middle of winter?!
    Cheers, Sadami

  4. Boy, that gym room would be a great coat room for me--hangers everyplace. I admire people who stick to a schedule.

    I really like the branches on the latest painting. (I also noticed that your blue gym balls match the blue in your paintings.)

  5. I am very impressed with your exercise routine, and your exercise area. I have to work with a personal trainer otherwise nothing happens. I don't enjoy the gym and would prefer to be out playing tennis or riding my bike. But that would not provide the overall (?) workout required.

    The paintings are looking great btw. I use Live Writer for blogging, which I think is more flexible that using blogger.

  6. Dear Sadami,
    Yes, resistance training, (of which swimming is one) does build muscle, which does weigh more. Since I've been biking all winter, I've noticed my jeans fit tighter around my thighs and when I stand I have to push them back down! I should swim instead. Swimming builds longer muscles, but is more inconvenient for me. You have to go somewhere there's a pool. I have the equipment. It's right where I am all the time. Makes sense.

    The paintings look the same because they are the same ones I've shown. I like seeing them here. In this venue, I can tell if the weight and the intensity between them is equal better than when they are laying on the floor in front of me. The three of them plus one more will be hung as one. Four seasons will be comprised of four paintings; these are three of them.

  7. Hallie you gave me the first laugh of the day. I am a weird bird. I don't like exercise either, but I hate standing around with a blow drier in my hand watching paint dry more so.... I also hate being achy, stiff, and stumbling about. Working out does away with that. Plus you really do feel more upbeat and very proud of yourself for doing it one more day. (To keep my fingers flexible, I play the piano for that reason and because I like to make noise).

  8. Don't be impressed Evelyn. The exercise area is evidence of one lazy lady who hates to leave the house to drive miles to do something basically unpleasant. That's why I thought it would be such a great filler activity between painting sessions. The equipment is right there and the movement energizes me to go back and tackle those painting problems.

  9. These paintings are lovely.

    I'm interested to see all four together, when they are all done.