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Monday, March 7, 2011

Blue Fall

Fall is blue, says I. The season does precede winter and winter is the pits.
Fall heralds the beginning of the annual slide from pleasant to abominable. Most everybody around here thinks,"Oh the Fall colors. Gorgeous! All those reds and yellows and golds, the trees on fire." Yuk. It's the fat lady singing a dirge.

The idea of blue wasn't really my own self-expression. It was the actual color of the woods. I took the photograph in the morning--given the shadows, nine thirty, ten by the position of the sun. Anyway,the color is right on and I like it. It's so not Fall.

It was nice getting back to the painting on stretched canvas that can take any beating I care to give it. This was my second session with the Fall Woods. Working out the color scheme, I vacillated between darks and lights and mid-tones searching for the right ones that would make up the palette; my palettes evolve during the painting process. I like that about acrylics. You get to vacillate and evolve. You get to go to the canvas without predrawing and draw as you paint,correct as you go,layer on layer of washes that make the passages exciting. The session was a nice change from last week's watercolor fiasco.

Between Bones, The Color of Money and--what else did we watch? Oh yea, Harry's Law with that wonderful Kathy Bates, I drew these heads. I was wrong about using TV for some action figurative drawing. Only the close-up head shots give you a shot at making a drawing in seconds. It was a crappy idea, but kept me from lying there on the couch like a sack of potatos. Some gals knit; I draw. I started out blind, but finished with my eyes wide open. There's a possible comic strip in this drawing.


  1. I love the drawing. I can imagine how you did it and it has much energy. I like the facial expression of the woman on the right. Very good work and a great idea to draw a TV scene.

  2. Love this Linda!. Its so carefree...relaxed.. I love that show btw..she's a kickass woman...

  3. I find that the artists can see what is hidden... also the blue in the fall, where everybody only see reds and yellows. I love this painting, the colors and the brush work: it is full of energy, fantastic, Linda!

  4. Thanks Joe. It is more fun than just sitting there doing nothing--and I imagine, the more you draw from the scenes flashing in front of your eyes, the better the caricatures?

    Thanks Chrissy, After watercolor last week, I was home where I belonged.

    Thank you Cristina. I was happy to be back to what I do best--I was happy to have found out what I do best from my poor experience with the watercolor last week. Have you ever noticed that while other people just look at the scenery, you look at the colors in the scene and equate them to paint colors? I've noticed when I say to whomever I'm with,"Hey look, the sky is Payne's gray." They look at me like I'm crazy. We artists do see the world in glorious colors even if it's a black and white winter. I love your work. My hat is off to your watercolors.

  5. I have really been enjoying the paintings. This one's no exception. And that new masthead is something else. Full of life. Well built. Strong. Gutsy coloring. Great stuff! Wm

  6. Thank you Bill--is it alright I call you Bill? Strong colors interacting with one another is me; watercolor is not--the contrasts are too weak for this gal who has been nearsighted all her life. I liked your oil painting the other day of Ken's chin; strong color combination in that one. I also thought your idea of zeroing in on interesting intersections in bad photographs was terrific. Thanks for sharing that with us.