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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where The Does Go, Young bucks Follow

Earlier in the week herds of does passed through our yard, last night the bucks came sniffing after them. This one came out in the open and paused to have his picture taken. With such bravdo, he'll do well with the ladies. I have no idea when deer mate, but I am hearing some horns clashing in the woods.

These deer are protected; they live in my neighborhood, a nature preserve. They seem quite at home coming and going and eating my holly bushes. I imagine I'll be seeing quite a few fawns come spring. When do deers mate? What's the gestation period for deer? Dear didn't know.

Does not matter. It was a good day all around: biked to work, revised my client's kitchen, finished a troublesome section of a painting, biked home, got the blinds repaired in the guest room, paused to watch nature in my backyard and went out on the town with old friends to share carrot cake. A little of this, a little of that is what makes this Jill happy. What kind of days make you happy?



  1. You live in a wonderful place: deers in your neighborhood! I like your carrot cake sketch so much! Have a good sunday (and I hate malls even on working days!)!

  2. Me too Christina. The fun part of this carrot cake sketch is there's no calories and no regrets.

  3. Boy, would I love to have a 'happy' day... U know what I am going thru w/my son and the days have not been good..I will say that photo of the deer has made me happy.. Gorgeous..and that carrot cake looks good too... any left????

  4. I'm sorry that family worries are monopolizing your days. Those are a bummer. You do need a good piece of carrot cake to lift your spirits for however long. Is Alexanders on the West Coast? That's the place.

  5. I had to google Alexander's.. if its a steakhouse there are only 2 San Francisco and Silicon Valley... both far from me.

  6. I'm sorry you have to miss out. Alexander's cake is one of life's tiny pleasures.

  7. Dear Linda,
    Wow, I wish I could be your neighbour and sketch deers! The cake looks so nice.
    Thank you very much for a great support for my blog. Your blog is,too, lovely. But a bit misunderstanding. A time difference between the States and Australia. When you're early in the morning, the down-under is in the middle of night. I love your blog that is always interesting, humorous and challenging in life and art. Please take care and keep up:). Linda, go, go!!
    Cheers and smile, Sadami