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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Did You Ever See Anything So Beautiful?

As the sun just as it sinks below the horizon?

As the translucent glow of melted candle wax?

As a pretty woman combing her hand through her hair?

As a toddler wondering what the hell is that?

As a Canasta hand with three aces, three wild cards and three sevens?

As a tray of pastries?

As summer wildflowers in the woods?

As brand new markers with three grays and two blacks?

Did you ever see anything so beautiful?

The watercolor markers will be opened on the beach before the sun sets tomorrow in Cancun. Tomorrow, my markers, art pad and brush will be out of this frozen tundra off to the warm where paint dries while you take a swim. Today, however, there's hell to pay for the privilege, for the joy. Hold down the studio till I return revitalized to finish Summer Woods and paint those pastries.

Gracia por su vista. Hasta la vista Senoras y Senors, Linda


  1. What a gift of beauty you've shared with us today. May your trip be all you want it to be; enjoy that warmth.

  2. Thanks RH. The great part of being an artist is our ability to find beauty in everything. The gift is a blessing.