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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Well the Weather Outside Is Frightful

It snowed and snowed and snowed while Honey read the New York Times front to back. I made a fresh batch of Minestroni soup,put in some spinning time and ran from window to window snapping out screens and taking photographs of the big one that made headlines.

I will continue doing that today looking for a winter scene for my series. I thought I would even take a stroll out and really get into it. But it looks like the sun may come out. In Michigan, a gray sky is winter. Gray "black" and white is the palette.

(I think I made a mistake with this seasonal series. I should be using the same reference photo for all the renditions. The pain of retrospect. the pain of being an old up-start. Maybe next time--or maybe never?

Here are a few more shots from yesterday and this morning:

The gray photo above of barren tree forms is poetic, melancholy and beautiful. I was trying to capture the wind. It works as a photograph.

Naturally I adore the closely cropped black and white one of intertwining tree branches below--it's so me.

But the one that reflects the lights and the oven/frig run in my kitchen in the glass is a very timely photo-of-the-day: it snowed, I cooked.

And the gray sky cleared up,as I thought it would. But today is still a snow day. All of Honey's crews, except the painters, couldn't shovel out their trucks or reported that "the roads are too slippery." Honey will spend his day rescheduling and mumbling under his breath--at the office. Nothing holds back his SUV. Whereas a snowflake holds back my sedan--all the more reason to trade in for the SRX I looked at the other day...

Honey just walked in the door. I'm shocked. He explained, "I thought I'd better come home." It took him over an hour to get up the road ten minutes to the post office. It would take him another hour and a half to get over to the office ten minutes from the post office. "And every time I used the brakes, the non skid brakes took over. Driving was a lot of work." --And so I should get to work.

Another snow day, another day in the kitchen. Today Chili--cause it's just seven degrees and cold outside. And laundry--though nobody seems to be going anywhere.


  1. I love the photos and agree w/ your comments on all of them... The top one is awesome, I bet u could hear the 'cold' ..the one freak snow we had, it got so cold that the air sounded hollow... Is that how it always is? I am ignorant when it comes to snow... I don't know if I could deal w/it seasonally, then again, folks can't see how I can deal w/an earthquake...

  2. There's something bad you have to deal with wherever you live--we've got tornadoes and snow. You've got earthquakes, wild fires and smog. Florida has horrible humidity, torrential rains and hurricanes. I hear San Diego has pretty good weather--also Hawaii. There's always something. -- Actually, we were pretty lucky. I just heard 30,000 homes in our county have no electricity--they have to bundle up close the blinds and can't make soup or do the laundry, which I am doing in my ice cold, on-a-slab, unheated laundry room. Would you believe I had to let the detergent melt? This is the weather that breaks water pipes.

  3. wonderful photographs. #3 looks ghostly.

    Born in southwestern Michigan & lived there until my tweens. Miss the short summers & snow every day.

    I also follow Joeanna's blog. Visit me at:
    (pop culture, music, cinema, my art & photography)
    (mostly my photography for now)

  4. Hawaii has volcanoes which are = to earthquakes... same premise... Earthquakes happen approximately every 20 yrs. or so? I've lived thru a few and its all cosmetic..knock on wood...

  5. Volcanoes and earthquakes are very interesting science. As I understand it: Earthquakes occur when the earth's Teutonic plates shift due to gas build up in the core. Volcanoes release those gases. This layman has wondered if there was an earthquake in California or Mexico or Ohio and the Carolinas if we could predict where there would be an eruption and perhaps tsunamis? Be nice if we could predict and chart such activity. We'd be able to save some lives. I imagine there are folks working very hard on this.

  6. Lovely photos. I lean toward the stick-y one.

    Stay warm.

  7. Hi Linda!
    Wow, I really love your Navbaner like graffiti on a brick wall. The uploaded photos are eye pleasant. In Sydney, what I only miss is "snow"--Black&White and silence. Your third, colorful photo is very interesting. Look forward to your backyard series.
    Cheers, Sadami:)

  8. Starman, thanks for coming to visit.
    I'd be pleased to pay your site a call if you had become a follower. If you had, I could just pop you up and connect to your blogs. This way, I have to copy the addresses and google-use the more complicated approach. Being a follower begets followers.