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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TG, The Dealer Blinked

You should have known I would do that layered carrot cake in color as soon as you read in yesterday's blog that I was imagining my doodle in color. It came out very Thiebaud don't you think? Well, Thiebaudesque. I have been studying the artist's work and he's become an idol of mine, after Hockney and DeKooning. We have subject matter in common, so of course I'm interested in his technique, composition, use of color.

This quick sketch is pastel and colored pencil. I wanted to do a small painting, but Honey and I were still shopping cars and talking it to death. We'd been shopping car for two weeks now ad nauseum. I wanted it all to end.

December is slipping by quickly and supposedly it's the best month to buy a car--lot's of good deals. The problem has been the dealership we've been doing business with the last six years has no cars. --They keep advertising cars and the big year end deal, but when we finally said we'd take a car, they had only one ES350 in brown/gray with a light interior they could sell us.

Well there's no deal when you have to buy something you don't like. A deal is a deal when you are getting what you want for less. And so Honey and I been bantering back and forth for days between the plush and very fetching SRX crossover that turned my head last week and my usual sedan which has the best all around visibility of any car on the market, heat and AC seats, deep drink cups, a moon roof and a telescoping, up and down steering wheel that you just press a button and takes curves like a dream. It ain't trash.

I couldn't take it anymore. I finally said yesterday forget about it. I'll drive what I have till they won't let us drive it anymore ,(5 months the extended lease is up), then we'll decide.

We told the dealer. We'll see you in May when you have some cars to sell. He said what about the savings? We said what about the savings?

Well, that did it. He could finally get my sedan in my favorite smoke granite color with the black interior, a duplicate of the one sitting in the garage this minute that has served me so well--the one we asked for in the first place. AND WE'RE GETTING IT FOR THE DEAL PRICE. We said May, the dealer blinked.

And now can I get back to painting--or is there some other fire to put out?

Blogging is a universal activity. Being that, I think that people from all over the world should be able to translate posts into their own languages. That's why I added Google translation to my side bar. Yesterday, a new follower signed on and after visiting the blogs he follows, I sent him a thank you note in Spanish, which Yo hablo muy poco. Google Translation helped. It's a great gadget to have. I highly recommend it. I guess I should put my recommendation on my Facebook page IF I knew how to get there. I don't think you can drive?


  1. My husband would fax the car offers instead of haggling in the showroom.. He talked to one sales guy and even he said faxing has become the norm.. Hint: If u know what u want go thru the FLEET Manager.. that eliminates the sales guy... The van we got, we went straight to the Fleet Manager.. they don't earn a commission, all they want to do is get rid of the inventory...We also use to get a report on the car from Consumer Reports.. for a small fee they will tell u actual cost of the car.
    btw, I love that blue plate holding that piece of cake...

  2. It's a done deal. It was the fleet manager who blinked.

  3. Kewl!.. btw here's a link to a post..u thought that carrot cake was fattening? look at this

  4. :) Enjoyed reading that. Poor guy... He lost out on commission to buy himself a fancy present for Christmas.