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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Batman!



Sweets as subject matter showed up early in this drawing of Tootsie Roll Pops. It was done in an evening while watching TV.

I did it with water soluble markers I had picked up at the Kroger's on the corner. I learned from this drawing that I like markers and didn't have to spend a lot for them. They were very accessible and quick. The drawing was done while watching TV.
It's not particularly wonderful, but every time I see it passby on my desktop slideshow,I like it. It's happy.

A drawing a day is a tall order--actually a sketch would be a better word. Fully detailed drawings take longer as do paintings. The title of my blog, chosen quickly to get me started, should have been given more consideration in case I ever wanted to broaden the scope. Why do a blog? It wanted my commitment to be public. I do not like to fail in public. The blog has kept me at my art.


  1. ooooh, i love those tootsie pops in that glass.. those markers definitely give it a watercolor effect. when DON'T u have a marker or pencil in your hand??? wait,don't answer that! lol

  2. Almost never--and often it's someone else's. I have a tendency to walk off with the pen. Just call me clepto. LOL.

  3. Dear Linda,
    Great!! Good on you. You baked a cake for Batman. What an American spirit! I love your sense of humour and your drawings. The rolly pops are so cute and you’re happy with the work. The point is to make yourself happy, not anyone else!!

    I, too, have the same task, “one painting/drawing per day.” But all up to my mood. Linda, please be kind to yourself. Joy must come first for any art activities. Your blog titles are very interesting. (another one, I assume, you’re very shy!) My blog title attempted to include any art area, like “One fit to all.” (BTY, The kind professor visited my blog silently.)

    I really love your posts, too. Your style is very candid and full of love for your family. Very clever word playing, so smooth information flow with a good tempo imply your lots of reading and wonderful mental lexicon that I’ve never had in English. Amazing. Bravo~~~!!

    I really look forward to your blogging in 2011. Oh, yey, let us cheer up for our meeting on net. Hahaha, I cannot give up wine, either~!
    Cheers, Sadami

  4. Dear Sadami, You are absolutely the most positive person I know. It shows in your work and your kind words.

    This 1st blogging year has been one of dedication and exploration--making art everyday and discovering what is fun to paint. The works that have been difficult to finish, have shown me what I don't find interesting after all. The works where I didn't want to put down my brush I was so excited about them are what I'm looking for. I absolutely agree that making art should be a joy--and believe that when it is, it's going to turn out just fine.
    Do you really think I'm shy? My blog title isn't flamboyant, but direct--typical for a professional designer who draws lines from A to B exactly to scale for a living. It was a mission statement actually--that should have allowed for a broader scope. But I'm stuck and have no desire to make my blog the art. So it stays. It's painting I'm pursuing.

    Thank you for visiting, you always give me food for thought.

  5. Dear Linda,
    This is not an appropriate place to talk of a person's character. But I feel you are so shy. Ask your ♥Honey♥ and what he would say;)♥ over wine and delicious food with candle lights. And of course, you do "not" need to up load his say.
    Cheers, wink, wink, Sadami