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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Day of surprises

Surprise number one occurred in the studio when I noticed how limited my palette had become. I was happy with just 14 colors. I used to need all the tubes of color to feel secure. Something happened this year: less became enough and I was fine with it.
Spring Woods was fine too. I had muddied it up the last time I worked on it. By the end of my session, the colors were brighter, yet not Disney. Still needs work--cleaning up.

Surprise number two happened at the car dealership. Looking for a new sedan, the style I've driven since I was a kid, I found myself liking the crossover model a lot.
It was cushy, had a deep drink cup well, big sunroof, rear view camera--lot's of toys.--And, best of all, was made in my home town, USA. Yea General Motors! I've never driven an SUV. This weekend I'll have to give Honey's a spin, see how it tools around? Who says this gal is done trying new things? A racing stripe might be nice?

The third surprise of my day came over wine in the living room.Honey told me he made all the arrangements to go to Cancun for my birthday in January. I couldn't believe it. He was dead set on not going anywhere this winter. But he found a deal he couldn't refuse.(I love when Honey plays for hours on the internet). So here's where we'll be when I will no longer be able to say I'm sixty something. I'll be getting a massage. Honey will be at the pool--the little pool, (top pic below), where the water's warmer--lying on the hunter green, 4 inch thick cushion reading the New York Times cover to cover. Then we'll walk to lunch at La Dolci Vita, our favorite spot across the street from the JW, over looking the bay. What a prince I married. But then that's no surprise. I am truly blessed.

(The efflorescent aqua-marine you see in these photos is the aqua-marine you see as you round the curve from the airport onto Kulkucan Boulevard which takes you to the hotel. The ocean takes your breath away every time).


  1. As far as your trip: I envy you... The car: I just can bring myself to buy American... had too many issues either w/the service or the cars..The Chevy dealership here has a rep. as being slow and dumb... I've witnessed it.. I think dumb comes before slow..

  2. I think the SRX is mostly made in Mexico, actually.

  3. Thank you for your comment mtroth. Gm's headquarters are here. They pay city and state taxes. That' good for Detroit. That's good for Michigan. And it's good for our business too.

  4. it's true. 37% of GM's employees are in the United States and about 25% of their plants and facilities. Although they have a variety of corporate locations around the world, including Mexico City.

  5. Mexico City is a beautiful city. And yes, we do have a global economy in which our General Motors is a major player. My purchase will support their position in the world as the second largest automobile manufacturer-- and maybe even push them by one car into first place.

  6. I had to look up google map to see where the places mentioned are. I'd love to visit Cancun, what lovely photos - looks like a nice hotel for a bit of R&R.

    What a nice birthday present. I am a January girl too... I don't know what I'm getting for my birthday.

  7. Hi Evelyn, this was a total surprise. I usually go out and buy my own--being the Capricorn gal that I am. Now I have to keep my credit card in my purse. It's okay with me.

  8. Dear Linda,
    Congratulations for all your surprises!!!

    Surprise #1 limited palette with 14 colors. Welldone! Even though I know little about oil or acrylics, that's a good number and something good is happening on you. My watercolor pallette, especially, a compact kit I always carry, has only 8--save a poor artist's life.

    Surprise #2 the car. Enjoy it. You wrote several times on cars before that impressed me so much. I have no knowledge about a car!

    Surprise #3 Honey's love, the arranged trip for your birthday, fly down to Mexico. Yes, what a lucky girl you are!!! Enjoy them all and have a wonderful time with Honey.

    All the best and Cheers,

  9. I LIKE that hat up on top, very well done. And your vacation will be fabulous and you will have to come back and paint with the colors you see there! Just beautiful. And I too am very sorry about Elizabeth. She lived not far from me in Chapel Hill, NC - or at least had a store she just recently opened there. Class act, she was.

  10. PS. Thanks for following artistic-expression, which I set up as a test... remember the goobledygook with the painting of the cookie? I have deleted the blog but I just want to drop you a line to let you know.

    My friend and I explored the idea of having a joint blog for weekly posts. An exercise to help us commit to a certain art project... But I don't think I want another blog!

  11. Nice looking ride!! Good for you buying American!!

  12. Theresa, we didn't buy the card yet. That was just our first visit to a showroom--we--no, he will have to visit a few more to check out the numbers. That's what guys do check out numbers. In the meantime, I'm going to see if I like driving a crossover, by driving my Honey's. I really have never driven one before.