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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010, A lot of Drawings, A lot of Insights

The following watercolours and/or soluble markers drawings--the best of 2010 so to speak--were done quickly, spontaneously, using no pencil and on site. I am not a watercolourist--I have no patience for a lot of stopping for drying and then painting and then stopping again--or fussing with stretching paper. My modern, hurry up personality, (quick fixes,) has always favored the action painters. My nearsightedness has always demanded high contrast and strong color--stronger than watercolour can offer. Combined with markers though, the medium is great for sketching. This was the first year I used it. I'll use it again--in a few weeks, in Mexico.

MONDAY LAUNDRY was truly a twenty minute sketch--It's rough, but so is doing the laundry.

CHOCOLATE MOUSE $2.95 is actually three sketches done on three occasions. Combined, they are the plan for the current triptych I'm doing in acrylics on canvas. You'll see this one again in 2011 as the triptych develops.

BEAR BRITCHES,done sitting on the cold cement of my front steps early one morning was a second study of form, color and light. The first didn't get what attracted me to the plant. Not every sketch is successful. As you gotta break a lot of eggs and kiss a few frogs, you gotta waste some paper to get where you want to go.

BEACH HAT WAITING, but not for long. I like the simplicity of this one--would be more interesting multiplied in a larger piece.

PISTACHIO NUTS, not such a great sketch, but a favorite food. I love pistachio nuts, so I love this drawing. I'll do it again sometime--after I get back down to where I want to be on the scale. for now, they're not allowed in the house.

LINDA'S SUNFLOWERS. All artists must try their hand at sunflowers in tribute to Vincent--plus they're such a perky flower you have to give them a try.

LADY IN THE BEACH HAT. My personal favorite. Not only did I do it in a fun spot--straddling a lounge chair, poolside in Puerto Vallarta while sipping a bloody mary--but it's a sunny picture that makes me smile. The red line does it. the simplicity of it makes it a keeper.

OLD ONIONS IN THE PANTRY is another twenty minute sketch I'm fond of. It's tell-tale of my neglectful housekeeping, but has artistic character. I like the puddling, even though it's not good craft. It was done on the drawing paper, not watercolour stock. In the field,you use what you have on hand.

It was difficult choosing which watercolours to show. I did quite a few that I thought had merit. Watercolours and soluble markers put color in my life and color pushed me into acrylics, up on the easel and back in the studio.

Before this year, Berol pencils, charcoal, a knead eraser, stubs and a shammy used to be my favorite drawing materials. They're still my favorite for portraiture. Taylor and Ruby Louise took about half an hour, (charcoal and pastels are great for very fast impressions). Kelly, in pencil, took a few days. I like Kelly's portrait. It has a Gatsbian flavor. More time spent, it's more than a "head-shot." It has character and action--she's talking, she's drinking, she's stroking her hair, she's animated, she's Kelly.

TAYLOR, with the same attitude as her grandmother as a kid. That would be me.

KELLY. Another woman with attitude I find attractive. She opinionated. She's vocal. She's never dull and has a huge heart.

RUBY LOUISE,unaffected and just plain sweet--a bright eyed munchkin.

Reviewing these drawings and paintings the last couple of days, I won't be joining a book club or brushing up on my canasta game anytime soon. I never remember the titles of the books I've read or any outstanding hands I've been dealt. I do recall drawings that taught me something or astounded me.I didn't stumble across them in my files, I recalled them immediately and pulled them out. What I did stumble across were drawings that should be trashed. Tomorrow, I'll own up to the 2010 worst of LWR. Maybe use the delete key?


  1. I love the 'Bare Britches'.. the color and shapes so tropical.. yes, tropical that is what hits me.. reminds me of Manoa Falls in HI.. Rainforesty...I love the sunflowers in that cobalt blue... did u know colbalt blue is suppose to exude a heavely feeling? the gal who did my yard said the blue is suppose to also represent 'healing'... Your beach hat one is one I like too because of its anonynmity.. It could be anyone.... I notice your bright colors show your unconventional side.. I see some of your humor.. and your drawings of your family show your soft side.. that pencil definitely goes 'delicate' ... ok, I'm done being 5 cent

  2. With those kind words, not only are you Kalei's best friends, but your mine too. The three paintings you mentioned are the ones I'm going to frame up. Cobalt blue is the most gorgeous of blues; absolutely heavenly I agree.

  3. If anything, I tell the truth.. Must be old age setting in because years ago I wouldn't look at what someone creates the way I do now...+ all the reading I've been doing must have some effect on my brain...
    Lady, u are leaving your kids one heck of a legacy.. My husband left his poems and stories for my kids, all typed out on an electric typewriter- remember those? As well as the art he collected before we met.