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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Split Pea Soup

My day was split between making Pea Soup, writing The Most Boring Art Blog and sketching Hondas. I planned to do some more clothes shopping, but I did that earlier in the week. And it was such a bummer, I decided to spend my time divided between the culinary arts, the literary arts and the visual arts. I wanted a balanced day.

Balance has always been a quest of mine. --Unfortunately, when I've achieved it, nothing much got done in any one of the areas of involvement--nothing terrific that is. Terrific accomplishment requires focus. Yesterday, unfocused but balanced, I managed to stir up enough pea soup to serve nine while I wrote a post for Boring which I'm pretty sure it is. Then, after having to photograph the photograph in the magazine I brought home from the doctor's office, (our scanner light is out), the drawing of the Honda's back end required much more concentration than I had left. I only got so far and that wasn't far enough. After spreading myself thin, I was exhausted and laid down on the couch, an underachieving couch potato. Balance seems like a good idea--the excitement of variety, diversity and all that idealistic stuff--but it's overrated. Focused is best--as boring as that may be.


  1. I have never had pea soup in my life... I think its the green that turns me off or rather the fact I found out that that was used in the Exorcist where they used pea soup for the girl to throw up... How the heck did u stretch soup that far? did u use stock? Balance and focus go hand in hand. Hope today is better for ya.

  2. You made me think, Linda... I think today was focused AND balanced for me. And now I am smiling -- thanks :-)

  3. No, my balanced day was good; it was both balanced and focused, but my point is: to be really good, outstanding, at something like painting, writing, cooking, one should totally focus on that particular discipline--that's how you get to be an artist, an author, a chef and earn recognition for your trouble. Without complete focus, all you can hope for is a fair achievement.

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  5. An underachieving couch potato. Classic line. I will have to borrow it and use it on my teenagers some day. LOL ...and can adults REALLY focus 100% Will who is a teenager in his senior year of high school at a University does nothing else but immerse himself in the arts. And it is easy because he has not bills, no other responsibility. Total focus just isn't going to happen for us. Now, what we have to get these youth to understand is "Don't waste this precious time you have". But isn't that ages old advice?

    Oh, and by the way, I love the red bag - such energy!