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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A blank canvas on the easel is a painting at it's pristine best. A blank canvas is full of promise. Make one mark and the problems start.

This canvas is for marked for Summer Woods, in my Four Season series. I thought I'd give that a start today, since I'm close to signing off on Spring and I like having a looser subject than the pastries on hand so I can alternate. This is the reference photograph I'm going to use. I'll bring the painting up several notches.

I didn't get a chance to sketch yesterday. I felt badly. I had errands. But a lost day of sketching did no harm. My painting plate is filled for the winter. After ten months of blogging, I've learned what subjects I want to spend the most time on: my woods, pastries and, for whatever reason, shoes. I'm pretty sure there's symbolism involved in my attraction to these subjects.

My high school psychology guess is woods and my fascination with intertwining branches (lines) and obstacles clumps of trees) is what I think life is all about--a bunch of obstacles we have to find our way around to get where we want to go. There's also something pleasing about the equal play between positive and negative space in them there woods.

Pastries, on the other hand, have a lighter significance. They're colorful, they're beautifully made, they're sweet. Life is sweet and offers us lots of choices, so many we often don't know which to choose; we want them all.

My choice of shoes is perplexing. I like them a lot. They cover the floor of my closet. They're imperative for getting around. The ones I've chosen to draw the most are the ones that are comfortable and designed for action on rough terrain--the kind you find in the woods. Like I said, high school psychology.

With the exception of my wooded landscapes, my subjects are not popular. No pictures of animals, no charming children or pretty flowers. But they say something about me-- and me, not being particularly unique, maybe they say something about you? I was looking for my artistic voice. I think I've found it blogging.


  1. I have to agree w/you.. The blogging part, yes, it has enhanced me.. Also getting into doing an art journal like my friend,Virginia... she has sparked something in me that I don't think I would of done if I had not come across her page.. She's learned some new techniques which I may try out...Re-doing my yard has made me bring out my camera more and not to leave out, reading.. I'm in the middle of Ted Kennedy's True Compass and whatever your politics maybe, he has shown a different side of himself... I did not know that Jacquie K. had a miscarriage after she had Caroline.. who would of been named Patrick.. That family has had its drama for sure.. Ted Kennedy is very open in his autobiography which in a way I am not surprised... Anyhow, I've changed since blogging.. All for the good.
    And yes, shoes, pastries and your woods are definitely you...

  2. And would you believe there are some folks who shrug their shoulders and roll their eyes when you tell them, you're a blogger?

  3. Wow what a photo. I love the woods and look forward to seeing the painting progress and I totally agree that a virgin canvas has everything in it.

    For some reason I can hear Homer Simpson saying "Mmm... choux pastry."