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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet SMR

Meet my first born son.

You almost didn't. Yesterday I think I had food poisoning from some whitefish I ate Friday night. Today, my stomach is not so noticeable as it was and is as it should be--just another body part.

This last week I've been thinking too much about the business of art to make art. And all that thinking depressed me--got me looking around for anything else to do but paint. I went shopping. I cooked. I read. I wrote my next post for Boring. I got all the horrible yellow stains out of my dish towels and pillow protectors. Finally. Major housekeeping accomplishment. But I didn't go to the studio once. Aside from finishing JR,(with the exception of adding the Honda), I dashed off a lot of things and made a birthday card. I did not paint. The why I paint-- for the joy of it or for the sale of it-- took the winds out of my sails and stopped me cold. I told you: Thinking too much is bad. Tomorrow I'm giving it up entirely and getting back to the joy of painting to rock and roll, (it fills my soul).

Speaking of songs from the 70's, I spent all morning on line looking for the piano sheet music for "I gotta Brand New Pair of Roller Skates." (It's really called "Brand New Key" sung by someone named Melissa--Janice Joplin did it first. The song is in on a current commercial (for I don't remember what) and playing in my head. I think it would go great in a medly with "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," the other song that makes me laugh. Then I thought I would download the video for this post and ended up downloading Amazon's MP3 program, which I think I already have, and buying some album for eighty nine cents I've never heard of. TGIS, the first day of the new week. I really need to turn a new leaf.


  1. In all honesty, I never liked portraits- but you have changed my mind.. U make them look so lifelike... I like the one of your other son because u showed the transformation... all I can say is wow..

  2. Thank you very much. This was a get acquainted drawing, but I think I got. I think portraits should be done from "snap" shots--the person caught in a lifetime moment.

  3. Gee, hope this week is better!

  4. Thanks Evelyn. I'm sure it will be. I think I was going through growing pains.

  5. Dear Linda,
    The drawing looks nice. Always your sense of humour saves you and us! Please take it easy and just have fun.
    I love your favorite songs. I seriously sang "Oh, Lord, Can't buy me a color tv" for "these years," digital tellies are taking over analogue tellies by Gov policy. Finally, I bought it a month ago. What an irony! When it rains, my new technology telly does not show programs. How come?? The old accomodation's cable line has the problem! I have to write to Corporation. Gee...without a computer, a telly...I will live in a stone age.
    Cheers, Sadami

  6. OMG. No telly, no computer, what then? I hope your refrigerator is working? As long as you have food in the house, paints, pen and brush, you'll make it.
    I tried again to download that Brand New Key video, but with no luck. I guess it my failure was for the better. I listened to the song five times and got pretty sick of it.