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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Little Less Disney

I took some of the Disney out of Spring Woods with some thin washes. I'll have to go thick again, but that's the way painting goes. Thick. Thin. Thin. Thick and so on till happy.

As for Hugh MacLeod's book, Ignore Everybody, I'm ignoring it. I've been busy. I got involved in an art discussion on another blog that went on and on until I decided to call it quits yesterday. I discussed art theory years ago in college,a wet behind the ears student. Since then I grew up. I don't care what anybody else has to say about anything with regards to art no matter who they were. I want to make my art with my head clear. Art theories can be crippling. They involve thinking--too much. Thinking too much is horrific. Size up a loose plan. Forge ahead. I think I've just touched on Hugh's first chapter. What do you think? Do you agree that talking art theories cuts into painting time and can make you so self conscious, you'll stop making art?


  1. U are so right about art theories.. In the end, u need to do what u like and create what u like.. sure keep the essentials in your head, but playoff of it...
    Those long ass blogs can drain u... I usually avoid them because they end up getting a bit personal and petty comments are what I don't need.. lol

  2. No and yes. Wouldn't stop me; can distort and hinder, rather than help. I make art with a part of me that isn't articulate in words.

  3. Dear Pepsi fan Linda,
    Take Pepsi and relax.
    This is very different cutting edge for the book. In publishing industry, an ultimate goal is to make customers buy books, which often have controversial and hot topics. So, I do not touch it.
    As for me, "Read old books, take old wine, chat with old friends"--are my life style:).
    Cheers, Sadami