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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here He Comes

My boy's almost there. Pismo Beach with all its action will be the backdrop, she said confidently. But when I looked for one in my computer files, the photo that had everything was a blurry. So while watching election returns, I dragged out my hard copy files. All I found was a photo of JR's backyard with cows. (Where he lives it's free range. He's always repairing the fence on the back 40). And our scanner is busted. So I took a photograph of the photograph. Why? I want to blow it up. The cow's are tiny and being a city gal, I'd like to get a closer look so my "suggestion" of a cow in the drawing will be recognizable. As you can see, it didn't come out all that great. How do I get into these things? I really can drag out a drawing.

I have another idea: shoot Honey's SUV and just put it on the beach in the position I want it. That should be simple enough? The perspective I have in mind is Leonardo's in the Mona Lisa--figure on side, landscape on a lower plane.

As far as the business of art, I'm not going to jump ahead of myself. I've decided go slowly. Fill up my display walls again, finish the book/brochure, put the two paintings I'd like to sell in my Etsy Shop and let them sit there. Michigan is as I wished: Red. The money guys are in office. I've new hope for attracting businesses to our state with our business friendly tax structure and opening up new jobs. People making money again, will generate people making money.


  1. linda, to get the cow more in focus u can crop the photo.. when u crop it enlarges the image..i crop some of my macros to get a more close up look to them. also cropping height and length gives a pano effect.

  2. He has two good eyes now :-)

    Have a great (and "productive") day Linda :-)

  3. Thanks Chrissy, I'll try it--but I'm still looking for a truck--it would be so him.

    Yes Agnes, he can see, he can see! My baby can see again.