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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Okay, but not as well as I would like. Chocolate Mice is going to need a lot of paint and top glazing. I've even been thinking that oil may be a more appropriate medium and changing to that after the flat colors are all decided upon and laid down. But I hate working with oils. I can not stand the fumes or the clean up. I gave my oils away years ago. I'll figure something else out.

This painting and the other two in the triptych are more difficult than
Out of the Closet. Out of the Closet was about flat shapes with some dimensioning. In these paintings, dimension is definitely an issue. The pastries recede into the background. Color mixing is key. I'm still in this phase. The paintings will take some time and more concentration.

I haven't had a lot of time for that. As you know, I've been side tracked working my day job and fixing stuff--the latest item being the Subzero refrigerator. The repair guy was supposed to come next week, but had a cancellation. He showed up yesterday at ten thirty and took over the kitchen for two hours knocking my lunch date off the calendar and pushing cooking into my painting time. So little was done yesterday other than working out the base color of chocolate. I think I may have gone too dark too quick?

Then I've subtracted a day from my studio schedule. I've initiated a weekly movie date with Honey--every Wednesday afternoon. Last week we saw Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps. This week we saw The Social Network. Jesse Eisenberg was terrific as Mark Zuckerberg. We liked both flicks. And it was especially nice to see Honey smiling as he watched the screen. He's been pretty down these days of more free time than work.

The Social Network got me to go back into Facebook when we got home from the theater. I hadn't been there in months. I was never into it that much. I mean how many people did I know at the University of Michigan a zillion years ago--twenty, thirty tops? I didn't go sorority. I thought they were too much togetherness. Besides, I transfered to art school. So who would I know and who would know me? But signing in again and fooling around, I stumbled into my son, grandson and granddaughter. Small world.

My grandson got a car for his birthday. Who knew? I poked them all to let them know I was around. I uploaded a few pics of them I had never seen before and made a comment on my closest friend's wall. It was fun--but blogging, also a social network, is for me. Time is short enough. I prefer a more lengthy exchange of ideas over playing Mafia Wars and finding out what my IQ is. While Mark Zuckerberg was opposed to advertising, it looks like he gave in.

As for Mice, Today is a painting day barring any sudden repair guys showing up to fix something. Hopefully tomorrow too?

TGIF everybody. Oh, and if you come across a recipe for Ocean Perch Espagnole pass it by. Honey and I thought it sucked.


  1. i googled that ocean perch espangole- nada...nothing on foodnetwork site either...I agee about the oils.. doesn't it take forever for a painting to dry? and even then isn't it still tacky to the touch?

  2. Yes.
    Perch tastes like nothing--needs to be deep fried and served with lots of tarter sauce. The sauce tasted like nothing too. I wasted my mushrooms. Needs a lot of doctoring. Oh well, we'll eat tonight with no bother. We're going out.