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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God Bless Them Every One

Drawings like Boots don't belong in this blog. Sketches like this do.

Would you believe I had to work my day job yesterday! It got in the way of Boots and Mice. Is an artist an artist if they aren't making art? I don't think so. Steady production is the way to artistry. Unfortunately I didn't get around to dashing this drawing off till well after the dinner hour. I almost drew nothing at all. But if I had let that happen, I would have let myself and my craft down.

I shouldn't complain that my paying job got in the way. When the price of art supplies always exceeds any profits from the endeavor, one should not neglect the folks, my unknowing art patrons, who enable the pursuit. Yesterday, they were well taken care of to the point where the batch of chili I'd put on the stove nearly burned while I was conferencing over ceramic tile selections.

I'm off to get my crown--my design clients pay for stuff like that too. God bless them every one!


  1. Dear Linda,
    Uhahahahahaha!!! Oh, your post always nearly kills me. But congratulations!! Yes, you'll put laurel on your head. And...I very much know your feeling, "God bless our clients!" and how humble Linda you are ;)!
    Cheers, Sadami