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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dance Card is Full

I found a snap shot I liked of Mrs. JR, my California gal. I love her aristocratic, profile. It's beautiful. The pose fits in with quite a few others I've taken of the Roth women--and guys. Everybody in my family is a know-it-all. There isn't one in the bunch who's shy. It's tough being in a room with us, for the banter is quick and witty and never, ever dull. I absolutely love it.

Okay my dance card is crammed full. I've a project for my evening drawing sessions while watching TV. I can't seem to stay away from the boob tube especially when Dexter, my favorite serial killer is on. The loony, new women in Dexter's life, Lumen, is a perfect second wife. They have so much revenge in common. She's a women he could honestly share his life with. --And she's pretty too and was great in The Bourne Ultimatum.

Have you noticed the Gapingvoid link in the the left column? Have you clicked on it? it will take you to Hugh Macleod's site where you can see his cartoons, sign up for daily e-mail delivery of the newest one, buy his book Ignore Everyone, buy his prints for 150 or his originals for 1200 plus or minus. The guy's a great promoter of his art. He's got skills, we should all be working on if we're interested in selling our stuff. Take a look quickly if you're interested. I'm removing the link tomorrow. It was a stupid thing to add to my blog. While the guy makes his living as a wine dealer, I suspect he'd like to make it as a full time artist--just like the rest of us. But why should the rest of us promote his art on our art blogs without being compensated for the space he's taking up in our stores? Business is business Huge. You got me, but no more. You want me to put a sign in my window? I want a cut of the action.

The beach featured in My Backyard is in Jamaica. It's not the usual shoreline I'm used to. It's rough and scattered with jagged rocks. For ocean swimmers, the hotel we were at had carved out a lagoon a bit up from where I took this picture. But I'm a pool gal. I don't like to swim with the fish.


  1. Linda, I love that drawing of your infamous Mrs. JR... Cali, gal? what part of Cali? the photo is nice as well..Did u take it? Speaking of Dexter, did u see it last night???OMG...

  2. Dear Linda,
    I love your drawing! Yey!! The post is full of fun for me. But do ye kne I'm a beach gal or precisely, an "ocean pool" gal at a beach and enjoy swimming with fishes, octopuses, shrimps and other friendly sea creatures.
    Cheers, Sadami

  3. Sadami I give you credit. I couldn't even jump in our lake this summer as I was determined to do. The water table was low and there was such a good chance that those slimy looking weeds were going to brush my legs. Yuk. I know I'm missing out. But do you know that snakes are excellent swimmers--very fast.

    Chrissy, My son and his lovely wife and gorgeous grandkids live in Fresno, the raisin capitol of the world and a stone's throw from Yosemite and Pismo Beach--equal distance away from LA and SF.
    Yes, I did take the photo. I only draw from my own photos. I don't like lawyers.

  4. Beautiful!
    Also, i love the Jamaican beach photo :-D