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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Color of Chocolate

I may have failed at showing you some very unique architecture, (and that did irritate the hell out of me), but I ignored the failure and moved on to do a lot of painting. Mixing up the colors of chocolate was fun, but difficult. You have to be careful with browns when it comes to foods. The wrong brown could make the wrong impression, something less than luscious.

Chocolate Mice is going to take some time as I expected. As I worked on the canvas, I found myself wishing I had two more easels to set up so I could travel between the three paintings in this triptych. But I don't--nor do I really have the space, so slow and steady...Lot's of drying time. Lot's of mixing.

We had a lovely surprise on Friday afternoon. Son #1 dropped in totally unexpected for lunch. I loved it. Never happened before. He lives a few towns away. We talked about Facebook and the ironic isolationism of the social networks.

Saturday, Son #2 called to say "Hello" and I had a nice chat with him who warned me that we're all going down the crapper because we don't make anything anymore. We just sit and chat or shop our days away on line. His special lady--mine too--said don't pay attention to him, he loves to antagonize. As one who hardly has time to even make dinner, I'm here so much, I thought he had a point.

As yet, no word from Son #3--but he usually calls later today. Not that I sit around waiting, but...a son is a son till...and I'm so thrilled when ours take time out to give us a ring. The conversations are always lively and beyond the scope of "Hi, how are ya?"

We're off to a surprise party this afternoon. It's casual. It's laid back. It's for someone with a lifetime spent in music and a milestone birthday I hope to reach. Heresay has it, we're going to be dancing the Flamenco. I'm off to the florist to buy a rose.


  1. LOL, I agree with u on the 'wrong' brown.. Looks like those mice cupcakes are a dark brown- yum....dark chocolate is my fave.

  2. Oh Linda I love the photo of your yard (sidebar photo)!!!
    Have fun at the surprise party :-DDD