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Friday, September 17, 2010

I Need Some Wall Space

I'm offering this painting for sale: Wall Street 1999. It was an excellent year in the market--the last really good one before the roller coaster ride began in the new millennium--but who's keeping track? This was the first painting I did after moving into this condo by the woods, off the lake. Honey and I were thrilled with our new home; we'd been renting for thirteen years. Business was booming and the market was bullish. Folks were happy on Wall Street,your street and my street too.

It's 36"x 36". Acrylic on 100% archival cotton, gallery 1-1/2" profile stretched canvas (finished wrapped edge. Painted. No framing necessary). $750.00 Shipped anywhere in the continental USA.

Now I'm off to finish mopping up after the completion of Summer. It's amazing to me how I came out of that studio with just five wee spots of dioxinine purple/thalo blue green (staining colors) on my pink jersey. I really should put on a plastic suit when I start to fling the paint.

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