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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Fish Story

These wetland grasses catch my eye every time I turn out of our subdivision. I dashed the sketch off, (ten minutes, no more) so I wouldn't forget them and perhaps would plan a plein aire sketch session in the very near future before the weather turns and they get beaten down. This sketch doesn't show how majestic they are--so tall and so mesmerizing as they gracefully bend with the wind. --How corny can I get! anyway, you get the picture, I think they're beautiful.

The family's traditional Tashlik walk down to the lake was great fun. Hanging out on the dock in the warm sun, discussing sin in general and our sins in particular, a lot of laughing went on--not that sins are funny--but it was funny that we all were guilty of the same ones. The biggest one being we're too judgmental towards one another and how hurtful that is.

While we argued just how and when we had been hurtful towards one another and others, Zac caught a fish, while he wasn't fishing. Actually, he was just sitting on the bench playing around with a line that had been left dangling in the water. It began to tug. Zac tugged back. Then pulled up a frantic bluegil. I would have taken a picture had I thought of it, but we were all frantically trying to unhook the little guy and get him back where he belonged. So all I really have to tell is a fish story."You should have been there. It was at least a foot long, biggest bluegil I ever saw." OMG, my first lie in the New Year!

The swans watching from the lake could have cared less. (Note the couple swimming in the side bar--beautiful, but beastly and highly territorial).

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