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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Light Hearted

A lunch chatting and laughing with a friend always lifts the spirits especially when it's followed by a shopping spree where I found the black capped sleeve silk tee I'd been looking for two years and a very nice pair of Tahara leggings a size smaller than I wore the last spree. Lighter hearted I went back to the studio and the colors of sunlight grew lighter too. Still not totally satisfied, I'll keep at it till those canvases arrive from Dick Blick. Would you believe that nearly all of the gallery stretched canvas sizes are not in stock. Do people give up painting in the summer? What's up Dick?

I'm blown away by this new blog I'm following and you really should take a look: Acrylic and Light by Alvin Richard. This guy's acrylic paintings are a knock out.His style is photo realistic. And he started me really thinking about buying a projector.I can't believe this style is done totally free hand; this painting and his others are so perfectly detailed his photo has to have been projected onto a screen and then meticulously drawn and painted from there. I'm not really all that curious of what technology he used. While I am searching for one style that satisfies me enough to do it the rest of my life,(which seems important in the art world unless you're Picasso), Photo Realism isn't one of them. I just appreciate the artist who has that kind of patience and concentration. Mr. Richard's work is awesome. Do give him a minute.

My twenty minute sketch (an idea I got from The Twenty Minute Challenge), of a woman laughing isn't photo realism or awesome. I did it the first twenty minutes of Poltergeist, until Honey said, "They're here," an hour later, and we switched to Dark Blue. Wednesday TV sacks, I can certainly work in a twenty minute session if not some real prime time.

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