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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coconut Cream Tarts



Aside from the extreme attack of hunger while drawing these pastries, they really made me happy. Not only could I have my cake and draw it too without gaining a pound, but the drawing shows me that the painting will be a very pleasant working experience.

I loved doing the pentykch, Out of The Closet; I'll love doing Chocolate Mice too. Working in units with forms and color, nearly completing one section before going on to the next, is very satisfying. Then having options on how coordinate the units and install them makes this multiple way of painting even more attractive;it plays to the designer in me who likes to push around the elements till pleased by the whole.

The itch of the matter is: I don't have this size canvas on order.(But I will when I'm done here). I do have one coming for my double portrait adventure, (still back ordered though); and I just received my box of twenty by twenties with no recall of how I wanted to use them.

So I've added my camera to the usual purse junk and have been out searching for subjects suitable for the square format. I should review Andy Warhol. Photography played a major part in his work process--as did the silk screen printing technique--albeit, a series of templates applied in a certain order. Aside from Jane, Liza and Marilyn type multiple head shots; he did do multiple flower assemblies...Humm.

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