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Monday, August 9, 2010

Irish Eyes

After the Mexican swim party,(where I did swim and art didn't come up once during five hours of conversation), this fish from another pond came home wondering if I should be joining a book club, instead of laboring in my golden years to get back my art skills? Too tired to draw, I did yesterday's drawing yesterday morning. It was a step closer to the truth, but I still wasn't satisfied. I zoomed in closer.

As I said: Draw. Draw. Draw. With every drawing, something new is learned, eye/hand coordination skills are strengthened, talent is validated, and appreciation for art and kindred spirits is fortified (Of course there will be disastrous days--but they make you so aggravated, they reinforce determination).

These are my daughter in-law's eyes. And her mouth--partially open, partially closed caught in mid sentence as she was, is better. But her jawline,(mandibular bone if memory serves me), needs strengthening...and the twist in her neck softening. I'm seeing my subject tomorrow. I'm taking my camera and some drawing materials (charcoal,it's quick). I wonder if they have any white umbrellas?

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