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Monday, July 12, 2010

Studio Closed For Remodeling

Zen bathroom design is going on. Below are the selections I've made so far: Solistone for the shower floor. Jason Carerra Airbath for the free standing tub. and 2 Kohler Strela Wading Pool lavatory sinks. I still need faucets and a free standing tub fill--polished chrome--and 2 wall mounted lav faucets. --and at least four wall sconces; the bath has a cathedral ceiling. May have to leave and extend the existing drop ceiling over the shower for the rain shower head they requested? Two skylights might be nice?

Then I have in mind a limestone random pattern floor, the largest tile being 18 by 18, Limestone or cement for the bench that extends into the walk in shower and glass tiles one by threes for two of the shower walls; the rest of the walls will need wainscoting. Brazilian wood or teak for the vanity--and perhaps the bench and open storage units in the tub area as well? The partition wall that divides the vanity area from the private room for the commode is opaque glass with polished chrome hinges. The opaque glass door swings in or out.

The bathroom will be great if the new homeowner's budget allows for greatness. Everything fell into place with just a little tweaking of the mother in-law's plan.

The disturbing factor is: they gave us no actual specifications, just some notes, and no budget. I've never even met them. I've just seen the site along with the second of three contractors making bids. All info was conveyed by e-mail. This project is no Zen experience for me, nor will it be for the clients.

Zen is about serenity, (earth, water,stone). Serenity in designing a remodeling project is insured via firm documentation, specific product specification and budgetary guidelines. Given carte blanch with a faulty plan and no personal knowledge of the client, this designer's door was left wide open to chaos. The airbath is 6500. The 2 sinks 408 each. The shower flooring 130 per box; they'll need four. --Free standing tub fills in polished chrome are about 1000,as is a rain showerhead that puts me up to $10,136.00 plus the rest of the tile work, the glasswork, the construction, the cabinetry, the lighting, tax and installation--you get the picture. Zen-like serenity isn't the client's objective with this project. "How much?" is. And their mother in-law didn't say a word.

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