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Sunday, July 4, 2010

An Anniversary Retrospective

Since January 5th 2010, I've completed more paintings and made more drawings (186) than I have in years. That was my objective with Drawing-of-the Day. I intend to carry it forward to see where it leads.

To mark the six month anniversary,I took a look back and chose six pieces for
Best of Show: Death in Haiti, pencil; Taylor, (charcoal); Shoes #3, soluable marker; Winter Lake, acrylic; Summer Shade, acrylic; and Out of the Closet, acrylic. Then three Honorable Mentions: Honey; The Lady in the Hat; and Grass. All three show potential: Honey in portraiture; the other two with watercolor.

The Best of the Best is Out of the Closet, the pentyck I'm working on now. What began as a subject of the random repetition of the colors and patterns in a closet, presented additional ideas for multiple units that intrigue the painter,the designer and the sculptor in me.



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