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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's Next too?

This is the first sketch from a photo I've had on file ever since I did Coleus #1, a painting that found a new home last week. The canvas for Coleus #2 has been standing in the corner of the studio ready to go for quite a while, but other subjects got in the way. And when I finished Coleus #1, I had had enough. The painting took a long time and went through many stages of completion. When I finally declared it done, I was sick of looking at it. No way was I doing another. My concentration had been too intense, too focused. I needed a break.

Now, a few paintings later, I know better. Coleus #1 wouldn't have been such a chore had I started Coleus #2 at the same time--or any other painting for that matter. Working on a number of paintings keeps my eyes fresh and me from being too serious; it keeps the paintings from being over-worked and tired. To keep Spring Woods fresh and alive, I'm going to add Coleus #2 to the agenda--and to really lighten things up, some miniatures in acrylics on canvas--no mats, glass or frames required.

The big boys take time, miniatures take a minute. But: How small is small? Next to my big boys, 18" by 24" is small; I'd like to go smaller than that. A trip to the art supply store is in order--and more sketching--warm up exercises. Makes no sense to hit the big canvases without some sort of plan and then let intuition take it from there--dancing to the music, of course.

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