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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Watercolor Curiosity Could Kill This Cat

I only have three watercolor brushes: one round ox hair; one flat, square shaped sable; and one sorta round, but pointed synthetic. On dry, cold press watercolor paper I decided to experiment with each brush, various amounts of wetness and the set of watercolor pads I bought the other day. (I have tube colors, but I didn't feel like laying out a pallet when I already had one to try).

Above is experiment number one. After a a few rows of strokes with the larger ox hair,which I had trouble loading evenly,and a few with the semi-round synthetic, I started to play around with design, (I suppose,you can't take the designer out of the designer). The result was this line of Chorus Clovers
or as some lansmen might title it:Dancing Chais, (pronounced highs). My brushes were too wet, the paper buckled and the were overly diluted, weak and puddled. So I tried again:

And experiment number two really proved: you can't take the designer out of the designer. I got further in my second experimentation with brushes and water amounts than on my first try, but then the designer did take over and I ended up adding colors, reaching for my Crayola markers for definition and manipulating the puddles with toweling. The look of it became more important than the how of it. I thought it was odd how cold press watercolor paper, paper made for being used with wet medium, wrinkled when wet, and the Strathmore drawing paper I used for my vacation drawings did not. Hmm?

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