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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Last Picture Show


I loved the shape of the beach umbrella and the young couple sharing a moment in its shade. I was sorry to note she was a smoker. I did that, quit that. It's an albatross. It doesn't make the moment better. It doesn't solve problems. The paraphernalia required requires something to tote it around in all the time. It's a waste of her time on this lovely planet. What? Too preachy?

Another lady in a hat. This one is from Greece. I love her; she completes my son. She also taught me how to play water volley ball the right way: With fingertips,European style. She's camera shy, but the boldest computer gal I know.

Hats on women at the beach, at the pool and in a fishing boat. What's with me and ladies in hats? She's watching me from the water. I'm watching her from the shore. We're worlds apart--or are we? I especially love hats with wide brims. Ahoy sister!

Below, a man reads a letter he finds amusing, while his wife and daughter chatter away across him unheard. I love watching folks involved in their lives. I also love the kiosk selling colorful pareos, beaded necklaces and straw bags. I didn't buy any; my cup runneth over.

I liked the rocks and the couple preparing their fishing rods. When I went into the water to get closer to see the crabs Jorgia had found sunning there, the colors were wonderful--rust, gold, blue, slate gray with tiny flecks of red. Marvelous. So beautiful, they were a picture all by themselves, (not shown), The crabs were gone though. Either the sun was going down, so they went too? Or they were in that couple's bucket?

The lily pond at the Grand Velas. Elegant. A future drawing perhaps?

If business doesn't pick up, this guy better watch out. I've got my eye on his job. Hanging out with friends, waiting for the world to stroll by and rent his jet skies, I could do it in a flash. Nah, then I couldn't do this.

A WELCOME HOME SUNSET. We're back to reality and tomorrow is going to be a pretty new day.

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