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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Great Chipmunk Invasion

Drawing a flower box is easier than planting one. Too bad. If we hadn't been fighting the Great Chipmunk Invasion of 2010, I'd be done with the mess.

But in a surprise attack yesterday, the little vermin were digging holes everywhere. Spraying dirt and gravel all over the entrance walk, covering it with totally unacceptable welcoming mats.

Armed to the teeth with moth balls, chlorine pellets and gallons of fox urine from past wars, we were well prepared to take a stand. As soon as they'd dig a hole, we'd sneak up behind them, pour our vile smelling mix down on their heads, and run back to the protection of our kitchen. From the window, we watched to see what they'd do next. And sure enough, they'd dig again; they were relentless. We finally decided, in spite of our feelings about animal cruelty, to bring out the big guns: boulders. Luckily, I have them scattered about the yard as stepping stones. When the coast was clear, we dropped them one by one on each hole, blocking all escape. An hour later,with no signs of the enemy, we high-fived victory and hosed down the walk.

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