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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bloomin' Iris and Honey Distract from Skies

The last painting worthy iris that bloomed in my garden was in 2003,(pictured above). Finally, after seven years of soso, this year's crop produced blooms worthy of canvas, paint and time; all I have to do is choose. Of the four photos I shot in the morning. I'm leaning towards the sexy one,(can you guess), or the last one--or all of them eventually.

But first: watercolor skies. I painted grass, now get some skies under my belt--then put the two together with Christina lounging in that watercolor world and I'd have something--Andrew Wyeth would say a plan. Skies were on my agenda for the day,but not on Honey's. He dragged me to BF to look at phony deck materials. Ugly. A prisoner in his car, we went on to the market; we needed grapes for our snack. We brought them and $150.00 more of stuff home to a house that wasn't as cool as it should have been. We changed the AC filter and powerwashed the compressor clear of those fuzzy things flying through the SKIES these days. Then I diced and sliced every vegie in the frig for the no bother stir fry I'd planned for the next five days of dinner. Finally, at ten PM, when I was so bored with seriel killer cop shows I could kill a television programming exec, I knocked off a quicky on absolutely wrong, but handy paper from a PV photo I'd taken. Skies are not over for me yet, but take a look at what's in my future. Which photo would you choose?

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