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Monday, March 8, 2010

A Mixed Bag

A Surprise in my Camera:

This photo just showed up when I was transferring my shots to the computer. At first I didn't know what it was. Then Zooming in and zooming out several times,I realized I had taken a picture on the move completely by accident. It was my essential drawing supplies stacked on my glass kitchen table . I think the photo's pretty interesting; I like the way the colors of the wood floor and chair cushions swirled together as I moved about I guess while my finger was on the shutter button. I like my white pencil case being vortex. I don' think I could make this happen again without a lot of trial and error.

Another Photographic Revelation:

I have to do a thorough cleaning of my monitor screen; it's filthy--as the white specks on this photo clearly point out. I was intrigued by the suggestion from another site of taking photographs of reflections and I had to try it out. Obviously, the reflection revealed I am a sloppy person when it comes to laptop cleaning--but I'll bet I'm not alone in this group? when's the last time you cleaned your monitor screen?

In the Studio:

I was disappointed. I had full intentions of starting "Summer Woods." But when I unwrapped the 36 by 36 canvas, I discovered it was suffering from sag (aren't we all). I laid in the pale cadmium yellow light anyway, which showed the sags more. So I stopped and wet the back to tighten the stretch. While the canvas dried, I played around with the paints I had on my pallet and printed the results on a watercolour block let that dry and cut it up. The assemblage is okay, but needs more or less white--maybe more dissecting, before I put together the final collage?

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