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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lots of Eggs to Break

The more I dabble in portraiture, the more convinced I am that flat paint, sharp edges and not a lot of detail is the way to go. I'm liking the way this headshot study of honey is going. This afternoon, he'll get a nose and a mouth, (although it's tempting to leave that out), and some linear details. That's it. I wish I could start the big portrait all over, but it's too late for that. --Not, however, for the double portrait coming up, where I think keeping the painting process minimal will enhance the drama between the two women. There's lots more eggs to break.

And speaking of eggs, meet my new neighbor.I've been watching her since Sunday. She likes to keep a low profile. She's waiting for her mate to return with the next twig for the nest they're building. I tried to wait for him too to catch him in flight, but good twigs must be hard to find?

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